Turkey Hunting – Team Outback Outdoors’ Season is Winding Down

Turkey hunting for Team Outback Outdoors in 2010 is winding down! At this time of the season, I say it every year, “I HATE TURKEYS!” Each year they embarrass, frustrate, and annoy me to NO ends, but I am sure come next spring I will be dusting off my turkey calls and anxiously awaiting opening day to get out and call an old tom in and give him a “dirt nap.”

This year was a good one for the four of us at Outback Outdoors we each killed 2 birds and caught it all on video for the upcoming turkey webisode. From Montana, Nebraska, and Colorado we did our part in helping to control the thunderchicken population.

For me personally it seemed tougher than normal as I spent quite a bit of time behind the camera with Adam and Ryan (but they did the same for me) so I was especially excited to have Adam give me a shout this last weekend to meet him on his NE property (Swanson Lake Ranch – http://www.swansonlakeranch.com) and try and arrow my final bird for the season.

The turkeys were very call shy and so Adam and I set up our blind in a loafing area and I was able to take a nice jake (killing tomorrow’s trophies today!) at 32 yards as he was moving through the area. Although the birds weren’t responding very well to calling we still got it done on video and I am excited to start compiling and editing the turkey bonanza webisode that will be next on Outback Outdoors.

Now time to get serious about training for a couple of triathlons and get ready for archery mule deer hunting in Wyoming September 1st!


Team Outback Outdoors

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