Turkey Hunting – Back in the Saddle from Mexico

Turkey hunting is just around the corner and the busyness of life never seems to quit. For my family we are in the middle of moving (which I hate) and I am forever amazed at how much junk a family can collect in a very short time. Never the less I write this to share that my wife and I just returned from a great vacation in Peurto Vallarta, Mexico.

I realize now that it was the calm before the storm, but the vacation was relaxing and much needed. I am in the process of editing the eagerly awaited Eastern Colorado Mule Deer Webisode, and should have that up in a week or so. We are also going to “drip” the rest of our new webisodes. What I mean by that is we are going to post part 1 up on the website then the following week part 2  and then the following week part 3 this will allow us to have more content posted each week rather than the whole thing at once.

Statistically, we are finding out that most people watch each segment at one time and the return for part 2 & 3. This will allow us to track the “spikes” in traffic that are associated with each part, just part of managing our explosive growth. Well back to the grind check back in for new webisodes, more updates, info, and blogs… Here are some more pics from Mexico


Team Outback Outdoors

One Response to “Turkey Hunting – Back in the Saddle from Mexico”

  1. Collin says:

    Looks like it was a fun time!