At Outback Outdoors we love getting input from viewers and hearing their likes and dislikes, we decided to make a special page to show off some of what we hear behind the scenes… Maybe you agree and maybe you don’t but this is what viewers are saying about Outback Outdoors.

“Great hunts not many people attempt to film spot and stalk antelope or mule deer. I respect that challenge a lot. I also like the great tech tips like the one on how to keep sharp in the off season for archery that was unique and great. I definitely like the western theme hunts. The Outdoor channel needs more shows like yours.”  Mike, West Fargo, ND

Just got done watching your latest webisode.  Once again great job.  It was pretty cool watching the old Hoyt putting the smack down on a Kansas buck.  Not much of a trailing job on that one.  Keep up the great work, I look forward to upcoming webisodes.  I need something to get me through this winter.  Turkeys are right around the corner!” Tyler

“I love the fact that I can watch action packed hunting webisodes whenever i wish.  The webisodes are well filmed, depict a variety of western big game animals, and are very addicting if you are an avid western bowhunter like myself.  Thank you for putting this website and these videos together for us.” Jayson

“Outback Outdoors is real, passionate, and “in-you-face” honest with great camera work/video and exciting hunts. THANK YOU!” Stacie

“Frankly..I love the fact that you guys are just like me..the outdoorsman who does it on his own..shares his love of the sport withhis friends and his family and does it the fair chase, no canned hunts and earns as well as totally appreciates the game he harvests!! You guys are the real deal and seem to feel it all as much spiritually as physically just like me! That’s is the true essence of what we do in the outdoors…it’s part of our soul and as much a part of who we are as breathing..yep..thats why I think you guys rock!!” Rick

“Since the inception of Outback Outdoors, I have thoroughly enjoyed receiving the updated webisodes via email.  Something that I look forward to about every month. But I have often gone back to previous webisodes to revisit the tips and tactics.  Some great information to use.  No matter how good a bowhunter thinks he is, there is always something to learn, and I appreciate this about Outback Outdoors
Thanks,” Dave

“I just love this site! I have only been hunting for six years now but it has definitely become my favorite thing to do. Last year i decided to get into filming my hunts and my buddies hunts as well. I searched through the internet for some good websites that allowed me to watch hunting videos so i could learn how to do it. Outback Outdoors soon became my go to site. Your videos are great! I used a lot of them to give me tips on how to make an effective video. It helped me to film one of my buddies taking his very first archery deer, a doe, and then a few weeks later i filmed him shooting an eleven point buck as well! I would just like to thank you for sharing your videos with me and for helping to make my videos successful.” Nate

“I have watched every video ever posted to Outback Outdoors (and still waiting for the E. Colorado Mulie bowhunt footage).  They are engaging and make you feel like you are part of the hunt.  In any hunting show, I always like to see the hunters (experts) share some wisdom that folks like us can use when we are on our own hunts, and you guys do a great job with that.  I especially like Adam’s habitat minute as at some point I would like to own my own hunting ranch.  I will hunt anything with anything, but given a choice, I consider myself almost exclusively a bowhunter. ” Paul

“I love getting the email saying that there is a new video feed on After that my day is shot till I can take a “Break” from work and set and watch the new video. Trevon and the guys are great. The only problem that I see is that it is not me out there hunting, I need to figure out how to get a piece of this pie. Keep up the great work guys I love to see the new adventures of Outback Outdoores. I will watch it every time a new one comes in and every time I need a “break” from work I go back and watch again. You guys should be hoping I get layed off that way I would be watching all day long. Keep um coming guys!” Jeff

“Outback outdoors is a simple pleasure for me. Since I have learned about these webisodes I have come to love watching them. There is great hunting footage that is shot in a way that makes me feel like I am on the hunt with these guys. I like being able to watch the shows on my own time and to skip back and forth between the different parts based on how much time I have and what I am doing. I travel a lot for business and most nights you will find my computer cranking away working on some spreadsheets, tons of emails and cashing an episode or two from outback outdoors as well. I have to say that watching these webisodes has renewed my interest in hunting and I am thankful to have found this site.”  Richard

“I am just getting into archery and I really enjoyed your episode on antelope tactics. I also enjoyed the episode on pre season prep. Another great thing about your show is it is more western hunting. All shows I watch on TV are eastern oriented. Because of your turkey episodes, I have decided to try turkey hunting this year. Keep up the good work and thank you for taking the time to make a good show.”  Scott

“Outback Outdoors,
I have been watching since day one and love your show.  I like the way you represent the true western hunter!
Keep up the good work and quality show!  Can’t wait for the 2010 episodes.”

“I’ve enjoyed Outback Outdoors for several reasons.  Real bowhunting scenarios with real bowhunters.  Win, lose or draw, the sport is and chase is respected and represented realistically and tastefully.  Great bowhunting information; I always pick up something from every episode.  Great format; I love that I can come in and watch a segment and come back anytime to finish out the episode.  I also have watched them several times to get more out of them because they are so accessible. It’s just plain fun! Thanks,”  John

“I want to say that I thoroughly enjoy your webisodes.I live in the Northeast and Im planning my western adventure.Your show has given me insight on hunting out west bow tuning advice and awesome hunting adventures..I hope to be in Idaho this fall or more likely next. Please keep your show real and like the reality type shows that are constantly on….”  Bill

“Just got done watching webisode 9, once again great job.  As for what I like about it….Everything.  Whats not to like,  hunting bugleing bulls with a bow in hand.  Right now there is 3 feet of snow outside my house and cabin fever is setting in pretty hard.  Your webisodes help take the edge off.  Keep up the great work and I look foward for upcoming segments.” Tyler

“I love to watch! The crew is awesome and they always have some helpful tips.
I really like how they broke down the episodes into three or four sections so, that I can watch one or two sections when I have a break from my busy schedule. This is by far my favorite hunting show to watch! Keep up the great work guys!” Lane

“The reason I like your show because its what Im all about . It represents the very person I am !  its a passion!” Dave

“When it comes down to why I choose to watch it is simply that I can identify with the hosts.  Trevon, Jim, Ryan, and Adam are all cut from the same cloth as I am.  Guys who grew up around the Western lifestyle, ranching and the outdoors and have been able to make it a part of their life.  These guys know what sagebrush smells like after a rain, and understand the wide open spaces, as well as the high alpine.  They are a product of their environment.  They are intelligent and articulate and down to earth folks that typify people throughout the West.  They aren’t showy and don’t put on airs.  What you see is what you get, but don’t be surprised if they exceed your pre-conceived expectations.” John

“After watching several of the Outback Outdoors webisodes what I have liked best is the deviation from the norm of the cookie-cutter whitetail hunting shows.  Sure I love to watch bowhunting of any kind, but too many of today’s outdoor shows are all the same: sit in tree, watch the same style footage, shoot whitetail, super-cheesy tracking/camera job, end of show.

Being from Colorado I especially like the western hunts and love the elk episodes more than any.  I also like the brutal honesty in how the shots turned out, whether it was a good shot, marginal or flat out miss (shooting the elk for 45 when he was 30 was hilarious, though I’m sure in the moment it was tough!)  Keep it up guys and I’ll keep watching!” Michael

“I joined fans of Outback Outdoors on Facebook and I’m so glad I did. Your Elk hunting series has me fired up to go, and the bow tuning segment has me convinced that I can get my broadheads and fieldtips to land in the same zipcode. Thanks for what you do…. ESPECIALLY in the off season. It keeps us from collecting dust on ourselves and our gear.” Wayne

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