Bowhunting Gear Used in the Field

Take a look at the specific bowhunting gear, packs, optics, clothing and footwear we use every day in the field while creating your hunting videos. This is the gear that we trust to call in the elk, get close to the deer, and become a better big game hunter.

With links to product websites and specific product picks we bring you the gear we use to ensure our hunting success!

Team Outback Outdoors – What’s in our Backpacks?

  • Trev’s Gear list –

The main stuff
Badlands /2200/4500 back pack (depending on the hunt)
Waterproof Cover for Pack – garbage sack. Slip over pack at night as there is no room in bivy for any gear.  This will protect pack and gear from rain etc.
Hoyt Carbon Spyder Bow, Hamskea Archery Versa Rest – Full Containment, Rage 2 blade Hypodermic 100 grain broadheads
Hunting Licenses & Tags – CALLS (Bugling Bull Game Calls if elk hunting FOR SURE)
Sleeping Bag – Slumber Jack – Zero Degree – Keep sleeping bag inside bivy sack and stuff them both in the compression sack.
Thermarest Z-Lite sleeping pad
Compression Bag
Game Bags
Bivy Sack – Slumber Jack
Binoculars – Cabelas Euro HD 10X42
Rangefinder – Vortex
Boots – Cabela’s Denali™ Hunting Boots with Fit IQ by Meindl

Camo – Cabelas Western ZonZ (Alaskan Outfitters Guide Gear)
Rain gear – Cabela’s Rain Gear
Synthetic “First Layer” top (mock neck) and bottom – Cabelas
Cabelas Underwear (one pair in pack)
Socks – two pair in pack (no cotton) Cabelas
Hunting Hat
Stocking Hat
Washcloth (small) & Soap (sliver of a bar)

50’ of braided nylon rope – 1/8”
Two bungee cords
Flashlight – loaded with new batteries and spares
Cabelas Headlamp – loaded with extra bulb and batteries
Water Bladder – extra container and mouth valve in pack in case primary gets a hole or goes bad.
Topo Map – 7.5-minute quadrangle
Lighter – Two
Fire Starter (magnesium wafers – get them at army surplus stores)
First Aid Kit with antiseptic
Tylenol PM (sometimes you are SO tired it is hard get to sleep)
Chap stick
Wilderness Athletes Multi-Vitamins
Knives & Sharpener
Camera(s) – Digital Loaded new batteries and spare, 1 GB memory card.
Lens Cleaner Wipes – moistened for camera and binos
Tripod – with camera adapter
Toilet Paper
Moistened Sanitary Wipes (you will thank me)
Mole Skin – works great held in place by duct tape
Duct Tape – small roll

Cell Phone
Allen Wrench Set – Small set to fit rest, sight and limb.
Extra Sight Pin and Fiber
Extra Arrow Rest Cord
Extra Serving
Extra Release
Extra Bowstring
Flagging Ribbon
One Field Point
Extra Broad head Blades
Journal – for taking notes in the field. Very useful in the future

  • Adam’s Pack – When it comes to gear, I prefer to be more of a simplistic hunter/outdoorsman than have every gadget and new product available. But the basics I carry in my pack are all of the best quality I can afford and serve a vital function. Either to find the game (quality optics), get to the game (quality boots), stay in the hunt (quality and layered clothing), the ability to harvest the game (hunting strategies, physical, and mental preparedness), and ability to make the shot (quality bow and knowing my limitations), the having everything I need to survive if the mountain throws a curve ball (fire, 1st aid, and map/compass).
    • A Leatherman multipurpose tool.
    • A knife, Wyoming Saw, and sharpener.
    • Tools to build a fire, lighter, water proof matches, candle, fire sticks
    • First Aid kit
    • Cabela’s Denali™ Hunting Boots with Fit IQ by Meindl
    • USGS Quadrangle of the area I am hunting, with public/private outlined on map from BLM maps
    • Good compass
    • Light rope


Dave Beronio‘s Gear List

You will notice that my gear list contains a number of items that are a few years old.  The equipment I use has proven successful and tough, and if taken care of and maintained will last years.  It is important to me that I am one with my gear, I understand how it works and it makes for good comfort and leads to success.  Using much of my gear for many years proves their quality, toughness, and reliability.  Here is a quick rundown of most of my gear.

Archery Equipment:
Hoyt Carbon Spyder
Winners Choice Custom bow string
Gold Tip arrows – 10 years of success with GT, and still going strong
Rage broadheads – 2 blade 100 grain Xtremes
TightSpot quiver
Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg sight
Release – Hamskea Versa Rest Full Containment

Boots: Cabela’s Denali™ Hunting Boots with Fit IQ by Meindl – never sacrifice your feet.  This is one of the MOST important pieces of equipment you can have.  Your feet carry you to the top of the mountain, take care of them!!!

Mossy Oak Brush Camo
Rivers West

Vortex range finder
Cabela’s Euro HD 80 mm spotting scope (yes, I even pack it into the backcountry)
Cabelas Euro HDs 10×42

Pack Preferences:
Cabela’s Day Pack: I have used this for many 2-3 day trips as I can have it on my back all day and be comfortable.  You will always see me wearing it at 3D shoots, it carries all gear for toting my kid’s food and gear, and it’s a very comfortable pack to draw a bow with. I have strapped both hind quarters of a cow elk on my 2200 and carried it for 1.5 miles in comfort. I received my first Badlands from Sage Creek Outfitters and have not used another brand of daypack since.

Cabelas Alaskan Outfitter Frame Pack:  with 5,300 cu/in of space, I can pack a lot more game in one trip.  This is my choice for longer trips into the backcountry. The pack removes from the frame in seconds, allowing me to make quick trips of hauling meat.  It is very comfortable for an external frame.

GPS – Garmin Rino 130
Bugling Bull game calls
Alaskan Game Bags – I get mine from Sage Creek Outfitters, I won’t go to detail of all that is in my pack, but as my friend John Enos told me on a goat hunt I have enough food, water, and gear to support a small village. I always carry a first aid and survival pack and my preference is to use square box knives to process an animal on the mountain.  I went through 3 blades on one cow elk.  Never need to sharpen and light weight.

“I’ll see you where the white rocks and the green trees meet the blue sky”

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