All of Outback Outdoors could not be possible without relationships amongst the Team. We are aided by relationships with great sponsors such as Spot Hogg, Hoyt, Hamskea Archery, Gold Tip, Rage Broadheads, GoLight, S4Gear and other makers of quality equipment. Our relationships are not unlike the friendships and relationships you find in your hunting camp. Most all of us at Outback Outdoors met through some type of hunting event. Trevon and Dave met through a coordinated mule deer hunt several years ago. Trevon met Grady through the Full Draw Film Tour, and I met Dave while we were both out watching mule deer on the winter range. Chris and I got together on a hunt when I drew a good deer tag in Nevada, and after knowing each other in the field for only hours he was helping me drag a buck out of hip-deep snow. You get the picture.  We are hunters who reached out in one way or another to help or talk to another hunter. It is this premise that many of our hunts came together. We are bonded by the passion of hunting, similar ideology, and the prospect of adventure.
Here at Outback Outdoors we know that if any one of us at Team Outback Outdoors draws a tag, the Team will be there to make it happen. We all have busy lives which balance against hunting, and I am sure our definition of ‘balance’ may at times be different than that of our wives. I drew a Desert Sheep tag last year and before I could even completely comprehend the good fortune, the team was rallying and planning. It takes a Team in the field to film hunts, especially if the hunt is DIY and in the high country. Dave and Trevon hunting high country mule deer in Nevada is yet another example. (To see that hunt go to –
If you have a team member, family member, or friend who can throw-in on your adventure without having a tag in his or her pocket, you have something very special going on with that person. Not everyone has the time and flexibility to give such assistance, but if they can I urge you to accept the offer and look to repay them when they draw a tag. The experience is all the more enjoyable and memorable. I’ve done quite a few solo hunts and I really enjoy that experience, however when the Team is along it is just priceless camaraderie and supplemental brain and brawn. Whether it is spending a freezing night on the mountain in a bivy or trying to get the right camera shot, it is the quest and the experience creating the partnerships.
The relationship created in the field also blends into our day to day lives and we can count on each other as family. I remember a particular November day I was sitting in a tree stand in Kansas when my cell phone kept buzzing. It was my wife, and at that moment there were deer coming in on a string. I was concerned because she knew I would be in a tree stand and would only call if something bad were to happen. I cautiously sent her a text message while watching the deer, she said she couldn’t communicate via text message and she need some help. Remember, I am in Kansas and she is Nevada and there would not be much I could do about most situations. I let the deer come in and with group of does was a nice 7 pt. buck I had passed once already. So, I called her whispering. I learned it was snowing at home and she had some tire chain issues and was helpless on the side of the road. Of course I was not there but felt like situation could be described as “wrapped around the axle.” In an instant my brain ran through the Team members, and sure enough on my first placed call I learned one of them could help out. They got her on the road while probably putting their family plans a little off-schedule. Kansas turned out pretty well with a respectable whitetail taking a carbon shaft and a trip to Nevada. The Team concept earned some real credibility at my house that November!
The hunts filmed by Outback Outdoors and broadcast on the Sportsmans Channel are hunts we would plan, make, and film without episodes aired on TV. Hunting and hunt filming is what we live, eat, and breath. Many of our other videos can be seen on the web at We wouldn’t be where we are without great friends becoming a Team. Team Outback Outdoors is looking to raise the bar and we are ready for 2013.

Wade McCammond – Team Outback Outdoors

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