Outback Outdoors – Most Asked Question…

Probably the number one most frequently asked question I receive through emails, visiting with other hunters after seminars, and on the phone is….. “How do I get involved in the outdoor industry?

My answer to that is “be aware of what you are getting into!” Then you can make a rational decision whether you want to commit to sacrifice your family, your time, and your money to chase this seemingly unreachable dream.  I don’t say that to be discouraging, but if I knew what I know now… 7 years ago, I would probably have just kept bowhunting and taking good pictures of my kills rather than investing a TON of money to chase a dream of videoing and producing a show which showcases all of my hunting exploits.

For all of you that have a dream to get into this industry and share your hunts, I in no way want to discourage you but it isn’t easy! There is a TON of competition and the crazy thing is there are a ton of shows that I watch and say to myself… “what the…??” but they have the funding and are doing it and God bless them!

At Outback Outdoors our mission has been and always will be to present a product (now the webisodes and hopefully soon a TV show) that a guy or gal who is as crazy about the outdoors as we are to think, “I can relate with these guys and I can see myself sharing a campfire with them!” But it has not been easy! From the disappointment of empty promises from people you think you can trust to the sponsors who hit on bad times and pull sponsor dollars, it isn’t a piece of cake.

Here are my insights to making it in the outdoor industry…

1. Relationships

Build relationships that come from the heart, not the pocket book! They will last longer!

2. Be true to what kind of hunter you are

Don’t try and be Michael Waddell (there are a million shows where guys are trying to emulate him and just can’t pull the red neck thing off) Fred Eichler, or Cameron Hanes! While I have great respect for all these guys they are true to themselves and how they hunt and we, at Outback Outdoors, are NOT them, therefore we can ONLY be who we are. With us being us hopefully the thrill of our love for the outdoors will be enough and someone…anyone… will enjoy and WANT to watch our adventures.

3. Be committed

Don’t jump in half way! You have to commit and that means (as I said before) sacrifice and you have to be willing to be patient and pay your dues!

While these points seem simple at the forefront these principles actually are very difficult, you have to want to do this from your very soul… to take people to the exact place you are at and try and make them feel the excitement, nerves, the cold, exhaustion, the “buck fever,” and whatever else you feel on each and every hunt. Could I have killed better trophies over the past 5 years if I didn’t have a camera man following me around on every hunt? SURE! But would I have gotten the same thrill of having a hunt that I could share with thousands on a play by play basis? NEVER

In summation I want to encourage you, if this is your dream GO FOR IT! Maybe I will be watching you hunt on the Outdoor Channel, Pursuit, or the Sportsmans Channel in the future, but understand this… there are thousands of guys standing in line to take our place who are probably better hunters, better shots, and more charismatic than us, but by God’s grace we are growing and the train is “ROLLING.”

So if this is your dream commit and I wish you luck and if you have questiosn email me and hopefully I can “cut some corners” for you as others did for me!!

Trev – Team Outback Outdoors


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