Outback Outdoors is a Family Affair – A Great Day!

Outback Outdoors was formed to celebrate everything outdoors, and for team Outback Outdoors’ extended family the same applies. I had a chance this last Saturday to spend the morning at the Fort Collin Archery Association’s membership drive 3D shoot and it was a great time. The club used this event to raise awareness of the club (which starting May 5th shoots every Wednesday night until August, it is a great way to stay competitive, hungry and sharp!) and draw new members to join and be a part of this awesome northern Colorado archery club!  http://www.ftcollinsarchery.com

My wife Sandy and daughter Avery, along with some friends (including OO team cameramen Craig Stinehour and wife Megale) hit the outdoor range and shot a great course of 35-40 targets working on dialing in our archery equipment, our form, and basically just sharing the camaraderie of the outdoors. Although my wife doesn’t shoot a lot, and my daughter is still a little on the young side, it was still quality time together and a chance for us to bond.

Over the years, since my wife doesn’t hunt, we have worked to develop ways to spend time together, and along with soccer and competing in triathlons together, 3D archery tournaments are some of my favorite ways to spend that time in the outdoors as a family!

One Response to “Outback Outdoors is a Family Affair – A Great Day!”

  1. I think everyone had a great time, and lunch was worth the trip, thanks to Bobbi. Steve did a great job with the creative setup, having several shooting stations that were target rich environments. We had several families shooting, but I think you and Matt had the youngest. We are looking forward to a great 3D season. Thanks for the mention of the club.
    Michel, President FCAA