Outback Outdoors’ Hoyt Bow Winner is Ready to Rock!

Just got a message and this picture from Outback Outdoors’ 1st Quarter Gear Giveaway winner Andrew Basabe with his new Hoyt Rampage XT….

“If you watched the video when I received the call from Trevon Stoltzfus at Outback Outdoors last May it was obvious I was shocked and in awe of the exciting news I was informed. I just received the new 2011 Hoyt rampage XT last Tuesday. When I pulled the bow out of the box I was very impressed with its appearance. I quickly ran into my garage and set it up. The next day I went to the local pro shop and compared the Rampage XT with the CRX 32 since a cast magnesium riser is the only feature that differentiates the two. I couldn’t believe the similarities and the outcome both bows performed. Long story short, I love the bow! The upcoming 3D shoots will be a blast with the Rampage XT in hand. My biggest passion is pursuing the elusive Wapiti and I am confident this bow won’t disappoint me.

Thank you Trevon and the rest of the OO crew for the opportunity and you can always count on me, as well as my friends and family, to stay tuned for more exciting webisodes.

Keep the wind in your face…”

Andrew Basabe

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