Outback Outdoors has New Look and Feel for 2011 – Jim Brennan’s New Webisode is Live

2011 is in full swing and Outback Outdoors (as promised) has some great new and exciting hunting action lined up for your convenient web-based hunting entertainment. You will immediately notice a few new and different things about Team OO in 2011. First the addition of new OO Team member Dave Beronio (who actually has been an unofficial OO team member for 2 years) and a new intro and format.
As the ORIGINAL western hunting webisode, Outback Outdoors has moved AWAY from trying to mimic a “TV” hunting show which shows a lot more than just the hunt (i.e. the traveleling, fueling up, filler footage, etc..), towards more small action packed clips with adrenaline action in smaller bite sized bits.
We kick this format (and our season) off with an exciting hunt with Jim Brennan and our good friend Rockie Jacobsen from Bugling Bulls Game Calls bowhunting for HUGE black bears in Alberta Canada. Please join us in 2011 (as I am playing catch up from having shoulder surgery) for some upcoming awesome mule deer, elk, antelope, and whitetail hunting action, available to you at www.outbackoutdoors.net 24/7.
*NOTE* For your best viewing experience (depending on your interent access and speed) start the video download process and then pause it allowing the video to load to 3/4 or more. This works best to avoid stutters or pauses caused by slower internet access speeds.
Thanks again,

Trev and Team Outback Outdoors


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