Outdoor Video School

If you have always enjoyed capturing and sharing your outdoor adventures and want to learn a better way
to document your exciting hunts the OO Camera School is right for you! Whether for TV, Short Films,
Webisodes, or your own personal entertainment the OO Basic Camera School will teach you everything
you need to know to get ALL the shots in the field and take you from step 1 to the editing bay!
Basic Camera School – 3 Days

Covered Curriculum

  • Camera Gear – Basic Knowledge
  • Video Camera
  • DSLR
  • Audio
  • Manual Camera Operation
  • Story Boarding
  • Shot Composition
  • Footage Organization
  • Story lining
  • Creativity/Originality
  • Framing & Focus
  • Time-lapse
  • Introduction to Post Production

Lodging and Meals Included – $1,500

Although your cameras might not be the same as what we run, we will teach you how to push your
equipment to the max and also understand how to run the industry standard Video and DSLR cameras!
The OO Camera School has been referred to as the “BOOT CAMP” of Camera Schools, we invite you to
come ready to learn, and don’t expect to get much sleep….. With the practical applications and hands on
time you will get OUT of this school what YOU put into it!

Advanced Camera School – 2 Days
(added onto the end of the Basic Camera School. Must attend BASIC)

Covered Curriculum

  • Advanced Camera training
  • Post Production
    • Rough cutting
    • Laying out Story
    • Music
    • Color Correction
    • Graphics

Lodging and Meals Included – $1,000

If you already have a team assembled, we also have the ability to come to you…. We can customize a
2-5 day school at your location with your guys and your equipment… Call for more details! (minimum of 6

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