Outback Outdoors – Bowhunting Thunderchickens at Swanson Lake Ranch, NE

Swanson Lake Ranch in Stratton, NE has been the back drop of Outback Outdoors’ team turkey hunt more than once, and this year , once again, SLR did not disappoint us. Team OO’s Adam Wells and cameraman Kyle Sanderson met up with Trevon Stoltzfus and new OO editor/producer Grady Rawls on Thursday night to try and arrow a few toms on film. This year, like last year, Trev and Adam were the featured speakers at the McCook Bowhunter’s Association banquet so the team was using this trip to combine some hunting and a speaking engagement.

With the banquet scheduled for Saturday night, the teams split up Friday morning and settled into their blinds about 1 mile away from each other. At first light Trev and Grady, who were hunting some farm ground on the edge of a popular roosting area, had a bunch of turkeys fly into the field. After about an hour of watching the birds strut and loaf, along with some sweet alluring turkey calls, Trev arrowed a nice tom, captured for posterity and in vivid DSLR HD by Grady.

Adam and Kyle had no opportunities, and so that afternoon we switched things up. Trev was tagged out so he grabbed the camera and headed out with Kyle to try and video him take a turkey and Grady joined up with Adam. The payoff came on Saturday as Adam arrowed a nice mature tom on film literally in the nick of time, as the team had to head to McCook for their speaking engagement.

The banquet was awesome! Grady rolled camera and Adam and Trev entertained the crowd discussing the tactics of “Shadowing an Elk Herd” in order to successfully harvest trophy bulls. The response was great, along with the food (it was a wild game feast) and it was past midnight before the boys got back to the lodge to catch a few winks before the morning hunt.

In the meantime some terrible storms had moved into the area and tornado like winds were anticipated. Once again team OO split up into 2 teams (Trev/Kyle & Adam/Grady) and headed to the blinds before first light. Rockie Jacobsen, with Bugling Bull Game Calls, had called earlier in the week and asked Team OO if on this hunt, and they had a chance, they could knock a mature tom down with a shotgun on video as he needed the footage for a new commercial. Adam grabbed the bang stick and was happy to oblige.

Trev and Kyle had only hens come into range, but Adam and Grady had a mature tom bail out of the roost and strut right in front of the blind. With lightning flashing in the sky Adam waited for the tom to clear the hens and made a great shot, crumpling the big bird where he stood.

This trip was a great time and a great way to cap off our NE Turkey season. Now it’s time to get back to work preparing for the fall and continuing to finish the 4th season of production for the OO TV show

Team Outback Outdoors

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  1. Brian says:

    I live in Stratton. If you ever come back to the Swanson lake range I would love to meet you guys

  2. Trev says:

    We are there quite often, follow us on Facebook and we usually announce when we are heading that direction

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