Mossy Oak Meeting

I am headed to my annual meeting for regional pro staff managers in West Point Mississippi at the Mossy Oak head quarters. The 25 managers as well as the main people behind Mossy Oak meet for 4 days and go over a new focus for the year. We also have a number of licensee companies come in and demonstrate as well as educate us on their new products. It is a very enjoyable time down there.

Outback Outdoors is proud to have Mossy Oak as a sponsor because we do not only believe in their camo but more importantly the company itself. Spending time with Toxey Haas and his administration is a true pleasure. These core group of guys are some of the best in the industry. They not only care about hunting but more of late about the preservation of the resource and the heritage of passing along this sport of hunting to the next generation.

My job as a regional pro staff manager is to help promote the brand and the message that Mossy Oak stands for. I have a set number of guys and gals who go to everything from 3d archery shoots to major store openings and help promote our life style. Hunting and the outdoors are passed along to young and old. We are familiar with the licensee’s products and help promote them.

One of the benefits I get is to try out new products from these companies and pass along my opinion on them. I am always looking for new pro staff members so if you live in one of the following states shoot me an e mail. Montana, Nebraska, Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota.

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