Life on the Mountain: More snow and lions

Just a quick update from the Mountain.  Last few days I have been fighting a flu bug but getting better now.  More snow here the last couple days, about another foot to foot and a half.  This last snow was very wet and heavy, I worry it will form a hard crust and hurt the elk and deer wintering nearby.  But once we hit about Feb 15, the snow starts to melt off the south facing slopes and winter is about half over.  I feel the elk and deer will fair ok here this year.  The snow level is about average this year and the brutal cold is about over.  It is nice to feel the days getting longer, I am sure the elk and deer are liking it too.

More lions, had one walk through my horses last night, we turned the dogs out on it this morning and put a female up a tree.  The guys with the dogs, Andy Julius Outfitters, have a hunter in that is wanting a Tom. I hope the experience for her getting chased will be enough to keep her away from the horses.  We found a good Tom track this afternoon, but all the new snow that has fallen and blown in the track was making it very difficult for the dogs to trail.

Large snow fall and being sick are never a good combination, had the truck stuck today for about 3 hours. It was all I could do to dig the tires out for chains and walking to get another truck to help tug.  I sure could use some help up here from time to time.  Its all good, part of living my dream up here in the Rockies.

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  1. Zoila Bayle says:

    thanks you for sharing geat information to us.

  2. Adam says:

    Thank you for taking the time to read or BLOG here.