Hoyt CRX 35 Gets Dialed In

Spring is a great time of year because that usually means setting up my new bow for the year. This year I decided to shoot the new Hoyt CRX 35. I am old school and prefer a longer axle to axle bow and I am NOT concerned about having the fastest bow in the timber. I rather shoot a longer more forgiving bow than a short rocket ship. That is just my opinion.

I have heard a lot about this new bow and look forward to carrying it on all my hunts this season.

First thing I did after tearing open the box like an 8 year old on Christmas morning was to order a set of Winners Choice strings. While patiently awaiting for them to arrive I put on my Rip Cord rest and Spott Hogg sight. A few days later the strings were on it as well. Like I said I am from the old days and I like to have a kisser button on my string also. I want to have 3 points or reference when I shoot. A kisser, string on the tip of my nose and a peep. These 3 make sure I am consistent every time I draw back and get locked in.

I headed to my local archery shop in town and put the bow in their home made version of the Hooter Shooter. The cam timing was set and the center shot found. I took a few shots through the paper machine and was pleasantly surprised with the smooth draw. I set my bow at 68 pounds and that along with my Gold Tip 75/95 shafts make for a lethal tool in the woods. I shot close to 75 arrows out of it and went back to the machine to re check timing. As usual the strings did not creep or stretch at all and the peep stayed in perfect alignment.

I will continue to shoot the set up the way it is and work on getting my pins dialed in. I like a 5 pin sight with yardages from 20 to 60 yards on my hunting set up. This will prove to be an efficient hunting set up for any animal that I will chase this year.

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