First Spring Hunt Of The Year-Nebraska Turkeys

Cabin fever has lingered for longer than I can handle. I am headed out in the morning for Nebraska to hunt the thunder chickens with the Hoyt. It is the first state out West to open and there are a ton of birds in the corn husker state.

This early season hunt can be real tough as the birds are just breaking up from their winter flocks and establishing their pecking order. It is not uncommon to see 200-300 birds in a huge flock. Trying to get a mature tom to break off from the group will be tough. A lot of times you have to set up near their travel corridors or roosting areas and hope to catch them traveling through.

I will be set up in the blind with decoys out by first light on Sunday morning and the weather looks to be nice. My last trip out there in March was less than stellar. Look for some updates in the next week on my hunt.

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