Cole Graham’s 1st Turkey!

There is nothing better than a kids first hunting success story…. Here is a taste of such a story out of McCook, NE…Chad Graham, his lovely wife Katie, and Cole their five year old (part of our extended Outback Outdoors family)  just finished a memorable turkey hunt with a number of firsts…. Here is how the email read!

“Youth shotgun season opened Saturday. Cole, Katie and I went out. Papa Chet and Grandma Cheryl stayed home with Brody (their youngest).  It was Coles first time being able to shoot and Katies first time turkey hunting (she was shooting her new bow). Cole got his first turkey with his new 410 shotgun. Katie had a long shot with her bow but barely missed. It was a great morning. Katie got so nervous she thought she was going to puke. I was pretty proud of them both. Cole is a natural and Katie looks DANG GOOD in her camo. Here are some pictures.

Chad, Katie, and Cole Graham”

Congrats You all, way to start the season off right!!

Trev and Adam – Team Outback Outdoors

One Response to “Cole Graham’s 1st Turkey!”

  1. Dave Beronio says:

    Congratulations Cole. What a great looking turkey. buddy I bet you were fired up to see him coming in and now you are hooked. Mom and dad have a hunting partner for life. Keep up the good work and straight shooting
    With respect
    Dave Beronio