Bowhunting Gear – Ripcord Arrow Rest’s Code Red

Bowhunting gear, just like anything else in the modern-day-world we live in, changes dramatically from year to year. This year I have found a couple of products that stand out which I will blog about in the near future, one being Ripcord arrow rests new Code Red drop away rest.

They changed a few things that make this a huge improvement over an already good rest. You will initially notice the color changes but they also incorporated a “mole skin” like material in the rest itself which quiets the rest when drawing an arrow (most archersĀ  just put mole skin on their original one for the same effect). The most important change is the brake that is incorporated into the design that engages upon release so that their will be NO snap back and fletching contact. I have one on both of my Hoyt bows and have been VERY pleased.

One Response to “Bowhunting Gear – Ripcord Arrow Rest’s Code Red”

  1. connor says:

    I am in the 7th grade and I am doing a project on bowhunting so I think you should put some bow hunting tips because i use your website a lot. I am a major hunter i hunt anything that flinches