Bowhunting and 3D Archery Shoots

Bowhunting, as most of you know, is SO much bigger than just the hunt itself. It is all inclusive! With me it somehow finds it way into almost every nook and cranny of my life. It seems that if I’m not talking or writing about it, then I am probably thinking about it and trying to prepare myself to be more successful in the field. I am also fortunate that I live in a place that has many opportunities for archery practice, such as indoor 5 spot leagues and 3D leagues.

This last Saturday the FCAA (Fort Collins Archery Association) had their annual “Arctic Shoot.” It was a great time and although I averaged 9.575 points per arrow (Score of 383 divided by 40 arrows) I was disappointed by my performance and motivated to get back into a routine where I shoot every day. When I got home I found myself setting up a target in the basement and shooting for another 2 hours working on the basics of form and solid mechanics.

And so it begins….. this is what the success of my hunts in 2010 will leverage on as I prepare and train to be successful, but in all honesty “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity!”

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