Bowhunter Banquet

Like other members of Outback Outdoors I do a handful of seminars and appearances. This past weekend I was the guest speaker for the Lewistown Bowhunters in Lewistown Montana. It was their 35th year and I was honored to partake in it. During the day I gave a seminar on elk calling and hunting. I covered basic calling and show cased my favorite calls from Bugling Bull Game Calls. I also had a table set up to sell product. During my seminar I covered my favorite time to hunt elk which is during the mid day.

I have had great luck over the last 5 years or so hunting elk during the mid day when they are in a set area and bedded. The wind and thermals are steady and the elk are more relaxed and stationary. If you can get in close to the herd and get within a bull’s comfort zone you have a good chance of calling him in. Those bulls will also get up often during the mid day and water, wallow or walk through their herd checking for estrous cows. This can be a deadly tactic on big herd bulls that you will have a hard time calling at any other time.

There were some great trophies brought in for display including a huge 193 inch ram, a 350 plus elk and several Pope and Young deer and antelope.After swapping hunting stories with a group of men and women and future hunters the kids we all enjoyed a great dinner. I was tasked with entertaining the group for 45 minutes with a speech. I chose to discuss the ever pressing issue of the wolves and the damage they have caused to our state as well as several others. It was a topic I take serious and have posted my opinions several times on different forums. With our state being so large there were many people who did not realize how bad it was.

Everyone had a great time and I look forward to speaking for them again and finishing the spring with a few more shows and seminars. Next up it will be the mountain chicken aka turkey and then the bears of the Canada.

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