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Outback Outdoors 2012 Recap

Sunday, January 20th, 2013

The year 2012 has proven to be one of the most eventful for Team Outback Outdoors. The winter season had some of the team members Attending the industry trade shows that are invaluable for us. We get a chance to meet and greet our great sponsors at the ATA (Archery Trade Show) which always show cases the new product lines for the upcoming season. Next up is usually the SHOT (Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade show). Again sponsors are met and contracts drawn up for the new season and again new products are on view for all hunting junkies to see.

Some of the team also attends hunting expositions around the West and country. Working for some sponsors or conducting hunting seminars is what keeps our flame burning bright and also keeps our hunting skills as sharp as possible. Having the opportunity to speak with seasoned hunters, novices, or even new persons to the sport is what we all enjoy doing.

Spring fever hits hard for the Outback Outdoors crew but we know that the chance to chase the gobble of the morning is here. We all enjoy matching wits with these twenty pound monarchs of the high country, or the river bottoms of the Mid West. Two straight months of early mornings and long evenings is what OO team member Jim  lives for. Several states in the  Spring welcome his call.

Another great reason for excitement in the Spring is the chance to chase bears. Whether it is on a wilderness spot and stalk hunt or a tree stand or ground blind hunt over bait the excitement is still real. Again here Jim is very passionate about this time of year and has been successful with taking several good bears of size and color.

Summer has the team working on fitness, scouting areas and planning the many hunts needed to feed the fire for the OO crew. By now everyone has an idea what tags were drawn and where they will be for the following 5 months. Again seminars are conducted and gear is fine tuned to make sure we give our all to punch tags for the fall.

Early Fall means the best time of year for OO. The scream of a big mature bull elk is hard to beat as it echoes throughout the timber. The entire team is somewhere in September looking for elk. We all travel to numerous states in pursuit of elk. All the calling practice and shooting our equipment combined with running the video cameras to the best of our abilities comes into play now. OO has done a great job most years putting down some good footage as well as some big bone from these great animals.

Once the cold brisk air of November approaches the deer either whitetail or mule deer are in trouble. Again we all all driven to chase them and travel wherever we can in order to lay down some good deer. From the state of Missouri or big sky country of Montana we will be out there looking for big rutting bucks. Again waiting in a perch or on the ground one on one Outback Outdoors will do it all.

With the coming of deep snow most would think that the hunting season is over but that is not the case. Chasing some of the apex predators of our country  are pursued. Either setting up calling in coyotes, looking to outsmart the wolves of the West or turning loose hounds on a fresh lion track, members of OO can be found in the snow with weapon in hand.

2012 has proven to be a great year especially with the announcement of our team making it to the big time. We can now be seen on the Sportsman’s Channel as well as Wild Television in Canada. Our webisodes will still be available for viewing as well.

As you can see it has been a busy season and will continue into the future if all goes well. Everyone at Outback Outdoors wants to say a heart felt thank you for following us, sponsoring us and also watching what we bring to the table every week and we could not do it without you.

Team OO harvested turkeys, bears, antelope, elk, deer, bighorn sheep from all over the West so be sure to look for some of these hunts in the upcoming season.