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Thunderbird 3D shoot Recap

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Thunderbird 3 Shoot Recap – I got back to the house late last night after a short 9.5 hour drive that was filled with memories of new friends, helping raise money for some great young outdoorsmen, a ton of fun, and a lot of laughs! As I mentioned in my earlier blog, the 19th Annual Thunderbird 3D Shoot (where I was the featured speaker on “How to be a Ten Percenter”) is a fund raiser for the NM Bullseye 4H Shooters Club that teaches kids about handguns, shotguns, muzzleloaders, bowhunting, hunting identification and most importantly… Hunter Safety! With 357 shooters attending from Mexico, NM, TX, and AZ, this shoot was HUGE success!!

With the rollover of older hunters who are passing away we HAVE to get the regenerate those numbers of outdoorsmen with the younger generation. We must get them from in front of the TV and Playstations (and by the way I love video games too!!) and into the outdoors! This event helps do just that! It was awesome to see 2nd and 3rd generations in a family group shooting together and building that bond that is bound by the love of hunting, bowhunting, and everything outdoors!

I also want to sincerely thanks ALL of my (and Outback Outdoors) who partnered with us in this event and donated their quality products to be raffled off to further raise money for the NM Bullseye 4H Shooting Club!

Below is a collage of pics from the event and we are already planning for next year, I hope you enjoy the pics and hopefully we will see you next year at this event!


and Team Outback Outdoors

Outback Outdoors and the Thunderbird 3D Shoot in Southern NM

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

I am finishing up the final touches on my seminar (including some great Outback Outdoors hunting action videos) that I will be giving at the Thunderbird 3D shoot in southern NM this weekend. They are expecting 350-400 shooters from TX, AZ, NM, and even Mexico for this huge archery event in its 19th year.

I love talking bowhunting anytime, but this will be even more special as I will be back in my home state with my cousins who really helped me get into hunting to start with…. (and my dad will be running the video camera capturing the excitement as it happens for future Outback Outdoors Webisodes.)

I will be speaking on the heart of a bowhunter and why 10% of bowhunters kill 90% of the game… should be a good time! If you can make it over the Sacramento mountains, I would love to see you there!


Deer Hunting Videos and Off Season Training that Keeps the Wife Happy

Monday, June 7th, 2010

Deer hunting videos and off season preparation that keeps the wife happy… might not be the normal heading for a blog on ANY hunting website, but for me I have found a way to make these two important things (off season training and a happy wife) work together.

I am married to a wonderful non-hunter! Don’t get me wrong she loves for me to hunt and will cook ANYTHING I kill, but she has no desire to hunt herself. In a way that is good thing. When I am out in the field trying to capture my exciting bowhunting adventures on video for Outback Outdoors or Hardcore Hunting TV, I do not have to worry about her being cold, worn out,  or comfortable. All of my attention can be focused on the hunt at hand. But as most of you hunters that are married know, keeping one’s wife happy during hunting season can be a difficult task. It is not that my wife dislikes hunting, but the time I am in the field and away from the family places a burden on her to keep the machine running smoothly at home, by herself.

I was reminded the other day by a good buddy Jerod Fink about some wisdom that the legendary Randy Ulmer shared on this very subject a few years ago at the ATA show when we were all out to dinner together. Randy explained how important it was to him to have his wife feel connected while he is out stalking a giant muley buck or bull elk.

This how he does it, “Before I leave for a hunting trip,” Randy explains,  “I hide notes that she will find through out the week around the house that remind her how much I love and appreciate her. I will also have a friend drop pre-written postcards in the mail, one each day, that have poems or thoughts so she gets those everyday while I am gone. It has made an incredible difference on my wife’s countenance and our relationship!”

It might sound corny but it works!! A way I have found to “connect” with my wife is doing something together that SHE loves . For MY wife that is competing in triathlons (Sprints – 1/2 mile swim, 12 mile bike, and 3.1 mile run). This summer we are competing together in a few triathlon events and last weekend we finished our first (the pics are from this last weekend’s tri). While we don’t compete in the event “hand in hand” or even always train together we are working towards the same goal and my wife LOVES it.Let’s be honest here… I DO have ulterior motives! Imagine the shape I will be in when it comes time for my mule deer and elk hunts!

In summary a hunter doesn’t have to do a triathlon or run a 5K with their spouse to “build up points”, the bottom line is the investment I make NOW…. in time with my wife, a unifying purpose, and getting into top physical shape will pay HUGE dividends in the fall….. MAN AM I GLAD SHE DOESN’T CROCHET!!

Fellow Hunter Needs Help

Friday, June 4th, 2010

Fellow hunter and my friend, Shon Simpson (former editor for Eastman’s Hunting Journal), needs our help. I want to encourage everyone in the hunting community to give what you can!

Shon and I became good friends when I worked at Eastmans, We hunted and laughed together a bunch! He is a great guy and loving father and husband!

Shon is the proud father of two beautiful children, the most compassionate husband, loving brother, son and friend, and has proudly impacted countless others.

To so many, Shon is known as an avid archer, builder, fisherman, hunter, friend, and father. Shon has opened his heart and home to so many that love him and will continue to do so for the rest of his life.

Shon’s friends are hosting a benefit to help offset a portion of the financial burdens following Shon’s recent accident, allowing Shon and his wife Julie to focus on his recovery.

Shon’s recovery can be tracked at

Bear Hunting And Family Values

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

One thing here at Outback Outdoors we instill is the value of getting your entire family involved in the outdoors. Every chance we get some of our team members or our close friends get their wives and children outside and teach them the importance of passing on our hunting heritage.

This past weekend I headed out with my good friend and hunting partner in North West Montana on a spot and stalk black bear hunt. We have had a very cool and wet spring so far which has kept us from our familar haunts due to snow levels still being high in some areas. The truck was packed with gear as well as Dave’s wife Karen and two boys Easton and Warren. We would drive logging roads and glass in between rain storms. Nothing was seen except numerous other hunters doing the same thing as us and with the holiday weekend and the end of bear season near.

Just when we were calling it quits we spotted a bear, a chocolate bear no less. He crossed a clear cut and we were able to get around in front of him. After several minutes we could not locate him so Dave decided to try some predator calling. Within a minute his youngest boy spotted the bear heading our way. With Warren on the camera and the bear within bow range, Dave made the shot. A short recovery later and the whole clan had a beautiful bear.

This is what the sport and life style is all about, family and friends. Whenever you get a chance make sure to include anyone who wants to get involved and look to recruit others if given the chance.

Have a great summer and look for new and exciting webisodes to come.