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Turkey Hunting – A Few Turkeys Hit the Dirt

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Turkey Hunting in Kansas has been a blast but it has had its challenges! When we arrived to meet JT Harden and Jason Irish from Hardcore Hunting TV at David Schotte’s, Blue River Whitetails the wind was blowing slightly. Over the past 3 days the wind has picked up in velocity to unreal and almost unhuntable 40 mph gust.

We have also had a few other mishaps and blood shed, but that story is for another day!

All has NOT been lost because if you notice above I said “almost” huntable. There was a few mornings and evenings where the wind and rain gave us a break and 4 birds hit the ground. JT Harden and Rocket Ryan both doubled up and Jason Irish and I ran video, good footage… Now onto Hiawatha, KS and the Kicking Beards Charity 3D shoot and Turkey Hunt.. stay tuned!


Team OO

Turkey Hunting – Outback Outdoors’ Season Continues

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

Turkey season for most hunters and bowhunters never comes soon enough. After the long layoff from the fall I am sure  everyone, including Team Outback Outdoors, is ready to get back into woods. This year has seemed even more busy than usual. With my move, Adam’s responsibility at the ranch and the harsh winter, Rocket Ryan’s busy rodeo and bullriding entertainment schedule, and Jim with new business ventures on the horizon… we are all trying to stay organized and on task.

I, personally, can breath a sigh of relief as OO has finished the 1st quarter Bowhunting Gear Giveaway and I have uploaded the last part of the Eastern Colorado mule deer webisode. Now it’s time to get back after some turkeys.

Tomorrow morning Rocket Ryan and I are meeting up (where he flies in from TX after working a PBR in Cleburne, TX) in Denver and heading east to Hanover, Kansas to first meet up with JT Harden and the Hardcore Hunting TV crew for an Under Armour hunt where our own Rocket Ryan will be the featured Under Armour Athlete hunting. I get to be his sidekick and cameraman. Rocket has a great relationship with UA as an Under Armour Athlete as UA is one of his sponsors in the bullriding arena where he entertains 100’s of thousands of fans a year.

After smashing a couple of thunderchickens we then head to Hiawatha, KS to participate in the Kicking Bear Camps’ – Kicking Beards’ Celebrity Turkey hunt and 3D shoot where I am blessed to be one of 10 industry hunter’s who will get paired up with 10 hunt winners and take them out and try and whack a few turkeys and then participate in a competitive pop-up 3D shoot to raise money for Ray Howell’s Kicking Bear Organization that mentors inner city kids by getting them involved in outdoor activities like fishing and hunting.

Next week will be a whirlwind and a lot of fun, so check back often, and as I have internet service I will try and update the blog frequently. You can also follow mine and Rocket’s progress and hunting adventures by going to my Facebook page at (I can update that from my Iphone) or Rocket Ryan’s at (Copy and paste those URL’s in your browser)

To all of you hunting turkeys, good luck and take the fight to em, and I will be updating you all soon…



Team Outback Outdoors

Mule Deer Hunt webisode – Feedback

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Mule Deer Hunting is one of our passions at Outback Outdoors, and our Eastern Colorado mule deer bowhunt webisode has quickly risen to the top of popularity in our growing archive of exciting hunting entertainment. Here is a response I got from a viewer in Indiana.

Brian, Columbia City, IN

“Well, I will admit this was one of my favorites.  There may be several reasons.  First, certainly making me wait on each subsequent episode built the anticipation.  I kept looking for the next episode to show up.  Second, I felt that the discussions of the pre-hunt setup and stalk were very insightful.  I would much rather see this type of information than watch the view out of a truck buzzing down the highway or running through an airport etc.  As I have said in the past, the travel parts of the videos should be very small or nonexistent in my opinion, which was true of these videos.  Both Trevon an Adam did a great job of describing the setup and strategy for each stalk that was filmed.  Third, I have never hunted mule deer, and have never tried to bowhunt in this type of open setting.  It looks extremely challenging, but you guys certainly showed that if you take your time you can get good quality shots even in such open territory.  In this day of instant gratification it certainly shows how patience is rewarded.  This hunt was certainly fair chase at the extreme.  It was also well filmed, and I thought the double views during the stalks were a good touch.  Finally, you once again showed that you don’t always get the biggest animal, but you did get a good animal. Good job guys!”   Brian

Turkey season has begun!

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Trevon and I had a great start to the 2010 turkey season last week. We headed out to my Swanson Lake Ranch in southwest Nebraska to catch the last weekend of the archery only turkey season. The turkeys were hot! It is always hard to draw the Tom’s off the big flocks in the morning and evenings but the midday hunts in the loafing areas were great!

I arrived early and did some scouting and blind prep and the birds were in all of their usual locations as well as utilizing some of the new habitat improvements and food plots we implemented in 2009. It is always very satisfying to see the wildlife use and benefit from my work. Its like the field of dreams, build it and they will come.

Trevon had a few close calls, it seemed something just went wrong every time a big Tom came in, a tree would be blocking the view for the camera, a branch would be blocking his shot, something would get bumped in the blind and the birds would retreat. But, I did manage to harvest a very nice mature Tom, things just came together. Bowhunting is never easy, but that is why it is so much fun too.

Outback Outdoors is a Family Affair – A Great Day!

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

Outback Outdoors was formed to celebrate everything outdoors, and for team Outback Outdoors’ extended family the same applies. I had a chance this last Saturday to spend the morning at the Fort Collin Archery Association’s membership drive 3D shoot and it was a great time. The club used this event to raise awareness of the club (which starting May 5th shoots every Wednesday night until August, it is a great way to stay competitive, hungry and sharp!) and draw new members to join and be a part of this awesome northern Colorado archery club!

My wife Sandy and daughter Avery, along with some friends (including OO team cameramen Craig Stinehour and wife Megale) hit the outdoor range and shot a great course of 35-40 targets working on dialing in our archery equipment, our form, and basically just sharing the camaraderie of the outdoors. Although my wife doesn’t shoot a lot, and my daughter is still a little on the young side, it was still quality time together and a chance for us to bond.

Over the years, since my wife doesn’t hunt, we have worked to develop ways to spend time together, and along with soccer and competing in triathlons together, 3D archery tournaments are some of my favorite ways to spend that time in the outdoors as a family!

Bowhunting Gear Giveaway – Outback Outdoors Announces 2nd Quarter Prize

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

Bowhunting Gear Giveaway – As most of you know team Outback Outdoors is very fortunate to have the leading innovators in quality products for hunting and bowhunting as sponsors and Outback Outdoors’ is proud to announce the 2nd quarter bowhunting gear giveaway prize. NIKON MONARCH 10X42 BINOCULARS. These are the same optics that team Outback Outdoors use and trust.

You have to enter to win and the drawing will be at the end of the 2nd quarter….. so good luck and we look forward to hearing your comments!

Bowhunting Gear Giveaway – 1st Quarter winner is announced

Saturday, April 17th, 2010

Bowhunting Gear Giveaway – Outback Outdoors’ 1st Quarter bowhunting gear giveaway (new Hoyt Maxxis) was a smashing success! We had tons of entries with representation from 32 states, 2 Canadian provinces, Mexico, and Spain. Ryan and I videoed the actual drawing where my daughter Avery drew one lucky winner of a new Hoyt Bow. ….. Drum Roll……..

and the winner is….

Oh, by the way you can watch the drawing semi-live on Outback Outdoors’ website right now if you want the complete drama…..

and the winner is….

Oh, and there is also some pretty funny comments between Ryan and I as we went through the entries….

and the winner is….

Casey Gobel from Augusta, KS.. Congrats Casey!!

I have already gotten his specs for his new Hoyt and his bow is ordered and he should be getting it soon (make sure to get us some pics Casey with your new bow set up!)

Now for our second Quarter Bowhunting Gear Giveaway….. you can register to win free Nikon Monarch 10X42 binoculars, just like what the outback Outdoors Team uses! Remember you have to register to win!!


Trev and Team Outback Outdoors

Bowhunting Gear Giveaway – 1st Quarter (Hoyt Bow) Results – watch it semi-live

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Outback Outdoors 1st quarter Bowhunting Gear Giveaway results are in and you can watch it live on Outback Outdoors. We had a ton of interest in the new Hoyt bow that we gave away to one lucky viewer, but we aren’t going to announce it here… no you have to log on to our website and watch the drawing for yourself.

I know it seems cruel but it will definitely build the anticipation!! Anyway check it out and see if you won a new Hoyt bow from Outback Outdoors, and remember the 2nd quarter has already begun so get your entries in for some great NIKON Hunting optics.


Trev and Team Outback Outdoors

Hunting Videos on the Web – Best Viewing Experience

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

Hunting Video websites, including Outback Outdoors, that produce and show exciting hunting action are popping up more and more as the convenience of watching them for free and 24/7 availability (and usually commercial free) appeals to today’s on-the-move and computer savvy hunting community now more than ever. While, just like in anything in life, there is a lot of variety in hunting entertainment on the web to chose from. Some webisodes are very well produced “TV Show” webisodes and others are simple video blogs, with a more personal hunting journal type of a touch.

Regardless of your preference there is definitely something out there for every fanatical hunter! We at Outback Outdoors do our best to present entertaining hunts and at the same time (through humor, disappointments, and sometimes stupidity) try to teach our viewers through our adventures.

One thing that I hear a lot from viewers is that our videos stop and and pause briefly and then start back up as the video downloads.  This can be quite distracting and make any show HARD to follow, and frankly make a viewer want to turn it off. For the best viewing experience with any outdoor video webisode (including Outback Outdoors) is to start the video by hitting the play button and then once it starts hit the pause button. You will then see a gray bar start to move across your timeline in front of where you paused the video. Next go get a cup of coffee, soda, or a beer (of course your choice of beverage will be determined by where you are and what time of day it is). Depending on your internet speed this can take a while if you are on dial-up (maybe 2 beers??) or just minutes if on DSL or Cable. By allowing the video to download to 90-100% you will be able to watch the webisode completely and not be “bothered” by the annoying starting and stopping of the action as your download catches up with your timeline.

I hope this helps those of you faithful Outback Outdoors’ viewers and as always we love to hear from you and keep the input coming. I have to go pack for a Nebraska Turkey hunt with Adam Wells tomorrow, so be looking for some updates from that…


Team Outback Outdoors

On The Road

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

Saturday April 3rd was the opening day of Turkey Season in the part of Texas where I happened to be staying between PBR events. My good friends down there are die hard Turkey hunters and invited me to go along in the morning. As I sat there with a Shotgun in my lap and the decoys out in front of me an hour before light, listening to the intermittent gobbling of roosted birds, I was reminded of the Turkey hunting I did with my Dad when I was young in Upstate New York. Where I was raised Turkey and Deer hunting were the only “big” game we had and we took it pretty serious. But what really came back to me on that crisp Texas morning was how much fun Turkey hunting with a shotgun was. Since moving to Montana 11 or so years ago I had only been hunting birds with my bow, and almost always out of a blind. I realized I missed the old school run and gun style of Turkey hunting and really enjoyed the shotgun!

I recently read an article by an outdoor writer and personality whom I have alot of respect for. However I was bothered by one of the points in his article and it has really caused me some distress since. The author basically stated that a hunter who started out his hunt with archery equipment and then switched to a gun part of the way through the hunt to harvest an animal was “giving up” or “cheating”. I have a real problem with this. This particular author is a pure bowhunter, and a great one. He personally chooses to hunt only with a bow and for HIM picking up a gun would compromise HIS principles. Thats great! I admire him for this, but my problem is that he is pushing his choice of weapon on other hunters and judging them for their choices. Consider this-maybe the hunter that switches to a gun from a bow during a hunt wanted to try to challenge himself by using archery equipment but at the end of the day he is a guy with only two weeks of vacation and he really spread himself thin to pay for this hunt. I’m sure he will get just as much satisfaction out of taking home his trophy with a gun. We are under constant attack in the hunting world by uninformed zealots who would love to make what we love illegal. We need to stick together as HUNTERS to make our sport and heritage show a strong unified front. I dont think now is the time for role models in the hunting industry to form little sub-groups based on weapon preference. I love to hunt with a bow but I am not a bowhunter, I also love to hunt with a rifle or shotgun but I am not a gun hunter….I am a HUNTER. I love to hunt. I love the traditions and camaraderie passed down to me by my father and I love the sights, smells and sounds of the woods and the mountains. These things have absolutely nothing to do with what weapon I may be carrying. So to this author I say, please don’t draw lines in the outdoors my friend, we are all in this together enjoying what God made possible for us. We may all share a campfire together one day and I don’t want to be embarrassed to show a picture of a buck I killed with my rifle or a Turkey I killed with my shotgun. Again these are just my thoughts and I mean no disrespect. This author has done alot for the hunting world and I would even consider him a friend, but our strength is in numbers and we are all in this together. Whichever your weapon or weapons of choice who among isnt a HUNTER?