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Lone Wolf’s Adrenaline Junkies – getting it done in Mexico

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

Just got another update from Rocket Ryan down in old Mexico and he seems to be having the time of his life. Game animals (Javelina and Whitetail deer) are plentiful and he and Kyle Wieter from Adrenaline Outdoors TV show have gained the nick name “Lone Wolf’s Adrenaline Junkie” as both Adrenaline Outdoors and Outback Outdoors are sponsored by Lone Wolf Treestands. Honestly I can’t say it any better than he did in an email this morning…. “I have killed two Javelinas spot and stalk western style and Kyle has aced two out of the blind this morning. Having a crap load of fun!”

They are hunting in Mexico with Brian Pigman Quaca of “Pigman the Series” TV show and having way too much fun!! Stay tuned for more updates.

Rocket Ryan Scores in Old Mexico

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

Rocket Ryan is down in old Mexico with Kyle Wieter of “Adrenaline Outdoors” TV Show and “The Pigman” a new TV show gaining rapid popularity. I got an email today that he connected on a Javelina with his Hoyt bow and he sent me a quick pic from his cel phone. Make sure to follow the action on Facebook (Ryan Litwin) and see if he can knock down some more Javelinas and maybe score on a great Whitetail buck!

Bowhunting Gear – Chase away the winter blues by testing out new hunting gear

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

Bowhunting gear, for me at least, is one of the best ways to chase away the winter blues. No I am not talking about going on a spending frenzy that I will feel guilty for later, but rather hanging out at the local bowshop, shooting some indoor and outdoor (weather permitting) 3D shoots and exchanging notes on what’s new in the archery world. With turkey season just around the corner it keeps me pumped and sharp as I check out some of the new gear that we at Outback Outdoors will be using this season. Here are a few that stand out…

Hoyt’s new Maxxis 32 bow

Black Gold’s Ascent bow sight

HECS 6th Sense Apparel – You have to check out the website to truly understand how revolutionary this product is –

Ripcord’s CodeRed Drop Away Rest

Under Armour’s new Ridge Reaper Outerwear – great video overview –

Nikon’s new Rangefinder that adjusts it’s display to an LED (bright red yardage numbers) if the back ground is darker and normal (black yardage numbers) if the background is lighter. –

Bowhunting – 3D Archery Shoots in the Off Season

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

Bowhunting is a passion with Outback Outdoors, but in the off season we love shooting local 3D shoots! I had the opportunity to do just that today, and it was great! It was 2 degrees and snowing….. It screamed bowhunting!! I competed in the Big Thompson Bowhunter’s monthly shoot at Lon Hagler Reservoir  in Loveland CO. It was REALLY tough as I shot a 408 (8 points up) and still placed 3rd. I love shooting like this in adverse conditions and in the wet and uncomfortable conditions… still being able to execute the shot. That is what bowhunting is all about to me.

Lot’s of fun and I just caught wind of another shoot within 90 miles of home that happens tomorrow…. Rock on!!

Bowfishing with Back 40 Outdoors

Friday, February 19th, 2010

Bowfishing can be a lot of fun and a great way to pass the time when in the off season. Outback Outdoors good friend Jerod Fink and his team of hardcore hunting buddies at Back 40 Outdoors took this past time to a new level. As cold as this winter has been in the midwest the frigid temps didn’t deter Back 40 from taking their share of carp with a stick and a string in the icy cold waters of Wisconsin. Check out their blog on this at These guys are the real deal! Great Job!

Headed to the fly fishing Flats of Belize

Thursday, February 18th, 2010
Indo Pacific Permit, north coast Austraila

The holy grail of fly fishing a "Permit"

As many of you know, fly fishing is as big a passion for me as bow hunting. I like to try and get to to the flats to try my hand at permit, bonefish,  tarpon and other salt water species at least once a year. Getting of the mountain at this time of year is much needed and wading around in the ocean stalking and casting at all the flats game fish. A great time and a great activity to participate in when the snow is continuing to pile up and the cold is unrelenting on the mountain.

On The Road

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

Well I am shooting the Hoyt and packing up my Badlands Terraglide and heading south next week. I will be joining Kyle Weiter, my good friend and host of Lone Wolf’s Adrenaline Junkies on the Sportsman Channel in Old Mexico to hunt Whitetails and Javalinas.

We will be joining Brian “Pigman” Quaca and Keith Rand from Pigman, The Series, a hit new show on the Sportsman Channel produced by our friends at Rack Focus Outdoor Multimedia. Kyle and I have been trying to do a hunt together and this opportunity came up. Brian and Keith not only have a great show but outfit on some game rich properties in Texas and Mexico and were very gracious to invite Kyle and I down for a week. Keep on the lookout for this hunt on our webisode, Kyle’s show and Pigman’s show soon! This is what I preach about. People in the industry working together to cross promote and have some fun!

Bowhunting Gear – The Ascent Sight from Black Gold

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

This year, after the ATA Show, I decided to think out of the box. I have for the past few years used the Black Gold Flashpoint Redzone HD with 7 pins. For 2010 I decided to try the new Ascent from Black Gold, this sight has 4 fixed pins (the top two being .019″ pins and the bottom two .010″) and you can use your bottom pin as a single pin adjustable pin, with a dial you can adjust from 60-120 yards for those longer practice shots. (I love to practice at long distances because it really reveals any flaws in my form!)

Here is some more info on this awesome sight;

The new Black Gold Ascent gives you target sight accuracy with Black Gold’s legendary durability for the ultimate moveable hunting sight. A simple turn of the knob lets you quickly and easily adjust distance.
Ascent… the ultra-light moveable sight with three head configurations!

•Works great with one piece quivers
(unlike most slider sights)
•More range and adjustability than traditional hunting slider sights
•Designed to accomodate computer generated sight tapes
•Quick, smooth and quiet adjustment
•Exclusive front axis adjustments keeps sight dialed in at long ranges

Check out more in-depth info at

Win a hunt with the Pros – Kicking Bear 1 on 1 Presents the Kicking Beards 2

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Win a hunt with the Pros ! Text in to WIN

Team Outback Outdoors is happy to announce that they will be participating in the second annual Kicking Bear 1 on 1 celebrity pro am turkey hunt and 3D shoot. Trevon had a chance to participate in this great event last year (webisode 4 part 3) and is looking forward to once again joining in all the fun and the competition all in the spirit of raising money for Ray Howell’s Kicking Bear organization. Kicking Bear puts on camps for troubled youth with the desire to get kids outdoors with a mentor.


Text in for your chance to win a chance to hunt with Trev and the other televised hunters and maybe you will be on one of Outback Outdoors upcoming webisodes!

Texting Campaign information here

Trip to Swanson Lake Ranch

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Went out to check on all of the wetland habitat improvements that we did out at Swanson Lake Ranch this past year. All I can is wow!! There are thousands of ducks and geese on the ranch right now. As much as I love to bow hunt the white tail deer and turkey on the ranch the waterfowl is truly special. Here is a picture of me and my trusty old dog Trigger after a duck hunt earlier this year.