Wildlife is what I do!

Wildlife is my life. I have been fortunate to have always live my life in an area that is surrounded with wildlife and wild game.  As a child my family had a small vacation rental business in the heart of the Colorado Rockies, right at the gate way to Rocky Mountain National Park.  From early childhood experiences hunting and fishing within walking distance of our home, I found my passion for life: wildlife, hunting and fly fishing.

Since developing my passion for wildlife I have been exceptionally lucky in the adventures, the experiences and a career in the outdoors. Currently I am logging in more than 200 days a year hunting, fishing or guiding. In the days I am not doing this I am working on various wildlife management projects on properties I work for, own or consult for.

I am excited to share my hunting experiences and what I have and will learn from different wildlife encounters and the wildlife habitat and property management and what can be learned from my life’s experiences, I hope you will follow me here.

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