Where Are You Headed This Season ?

It is early in 2013 and here in the West the hunting application season is underway. I, like many of you, begin the research as I contemplate my options and possibilities for the year. This time of year there is a lot of information available for a hunter to consider. The game departments are finalizing studies, making regulation changes, and establishing quotas. It is an interesting time of year to say the least. Thanks to digital world there is a wide variety of available information and opinions on where to hunt and how to hunt. We hunters continue to be affected by many changes in our environment and our hunting environment has become larger. We use to consider the environment to be physical environment, the land, animals, weather, etc. We as hunters now must contend with other tangential environments, including the politics, social interpretation of hunting and weapons, and the digital super highway.

This article is not meant to be referendum on anyone or anything. It is just that at this time of year and with the current issues facing hunting… these factors must cause all hunters to examine where they are at, and where they are going. We are hunters, we are aggressive in our hunting, and many times we are head strong in our beliefs based on our knowledge and experiences. I know my concerns and issues and you know yours, and while we might disagree a bit, your concerns and ideas are just as valid as mine. We as hunters need to take our well thought out opinions and information to our politicians and game managers and make sure they hear our strong reasonable voice.

We hunters are responsible for our own future, and we must find common ground to work through the natural, political, regulatory, social, and electronic environments. No, we do not have to all agree on the issues, but should begin by establishing what we do agree upon. As an example, we can agree that we the people are responsible for the proper management of wildlife populations, that we are passionate about hunting and the future of hunting. We should agree to honor another person’s legal method of take. If a discussion starts out with these basics I believe we can establish common ground and respect. 

These same set basic conversation pieces should be used in attending state and county commissions and advisory board and in asserting our knowledge and opinions. We should think of this approach while at hunting expos, posting on social media outlets, and in our written communication. The longer conversations may chart a course to a point of disagreement, however at that point we will have established a basic respect as people with similar interests. The disagreement then becomes small in comparison to the common ground. It is easy to an opinion as to what we find objectionable or what one thinks should be done to correct a particular problem or issue, but it lacks the proper foundation and understanding that we all have the same basic interests in hunting and conservation.

This article is not a call for you to be soft on issues which are important to you, but it is a call to point out that as hunters there are thousands of anti-hunters who would find joy in our divide. The next time you begin a hunting discussion on the internet or at a hunting trade show, shake the fellow hunter’s hand and ask; Where are you headed this season?

We at Outback Outdoors hope we are all headed in the right direction, and we support your passion for hunting and your legal method of take. Apply for tags, stay in shape, hone your skills, mentor a young hunter, and we hope you are planning a memorable hunt for 2013.

Team Outback Outdoors, Wade McCammond

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  1. Couldn’t agree more, we all need to stand tall and stand together. South San Juan’s are on our calendar!

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