Turkey Tag Out

All winter long most outdoors-man and women go through the dreaded cabin fever. We think of spring not for the warm weather and pretty flowers but for gobbling turkeys. We prepare our gear and shoot all winter to be sure that we are ready when that big Tom comes into our decoy spread. I live for these 20 pound critters and look forward to hunting them with the bow every year. I have done well over the last 20 plus years and enjoy watching the country come to life each morning. 

A good set of decoys and and blind make bow hunting these birds a blast. You can get top pin close or more and have some great action. I usually like my standard 7 to 10 yard shot. This way if you are hunting wary birds and they hang up they are usually within 20 either way. They are way too small of a moving target to shoot much further than that, well at least for me.


This year I had tags for my home state of Montana as well as Idaho. The border is only 2 hours away and it offers some great turkey hunting. I like to try and hunt a few states and with it being so close I can give the birds a break and bounce back and forth. Even though you practice all year and would think that an opening morning 8 yards shot would be a slam dunk it is not! Well for me this year it was not. Who would think that such a little bird could get a grown man all flustered but it happens. A few days later I made good on my bird in Idaho.

The previous winter was rough for the turkeys in Montana and I was just not finding a good number of mature birds. The few that we had found this spring were already taken by my friends. I still head out every morning weather permitting to find a bird that wants to play the calling game. This weekend I found such a group of birds and was able to work them for over an hour. A little patience and subtle calling finally brought in this bird for another close up shot. I am tagged out for spring turkeys for this year.

But please don’t feel sorry for me because after turkeys are done I chase one of my favorite  animals, the bear. I am headed to Alberta Canada at the end of the week and look forward to finding a big mature boar. It is an excellent hunt and whether I am sitting in a stand over bait or spot and stalking I equally love to do them. Hopefully I will have some good stories and pictures of a big bear down in the next few weeks.









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