Turkey season has begun!

Trevon and I had a great start to the 2010 turkey season last week. We headed out to my Swanson Lake Ranch in southwest Nebraska to catch the last weekend of the archery only turkey season. The turkeys were hot! It is always hard to draw the Tom’s off the big flocks in the morning and evenings but the midday hunts in the loafing areas were great!

I arrived early and did some scouting and blind prep and the birds were in all of their usual locations as well as utilizing some of the new habitat improvements and food plots we implemented in 2009. It is always very satisfying to see the wildlife use and benefit from my work. Its like the field of dreams, build it and they will come.

Trevon had a few close calls, it seemed something just went wrong every time a big Tom came in, a tree would be blocking the view for the camera, a branch would be blocking his shot, something would get bumped in the blind and the birds would retreat. But, I did manage to harvest a very nice mature Tom, things just came together. Bowhunting is never easy, but that is why it is so much fun too.

One Response to “Turkey season has begun!”

  1. Trev says:

    Adam, it was a great time and wouldn’t have wanted to spend my Birthday any other way. But when we go back in May I am putting the hammer down on some TOMS!!