Turkey Hunting – Outback Outdoors’ Season Continues

Turkey season for most hunters and bowhunters never comes soon enough. After the long layoff from the fall I am sureĀ  everyone, including Team Outback Outdoors, is ready to get back into woods. This year has seemed even more busy than usual. With my move, Adam’s responsibility at the ranch and the harsh winter, Rocket Ryan’s busy rodeo and bullriding entertainment schedule, and Jim with new business ventures on the horizon… we are all trying to stay organized and on task.

I, personally, can breath a sigh of relief as OO has finished the 1st quarter Bowhunting Gear Giveaway and I have uploaded the last part of the Eastern Colorado mule deer webisode. Now it’s time to get back after some turkeys.

Tomorrow morning Rocket Ryan and I are meeting up (where he flies in from TX after working a PBR in Cleburne, TX) in Denver and heading east to Hanover, Kansas to first meet up with JT Harden and the Hardcore Hunting TV crew for an Under Armour hunt where our own Rocket Ryan will be the featured Under Armour Athlete hunting. I get to be his sidekick and cameraman. Rocket has a great relationship with UA as an Under Armour Athlete as UA is one of his sponsors in the bullriding arena where he entertains 100’s of thousands of fans a year.

After smashing a couple of thunderchickens we then head to Hiawatha, KS to participate in the Kicking Bear Camps’ – Kicking Beards’ Celebrity Turkey hunt and 3D shoot where I am blessed to be one of 10 industry hunter’s who will get paired up with 10 hunt winners and take them out and try and whack a few turkeys and then participate in a competitive pop-up 3D shoot to raise money for Ray Howell’s Kicking Bear Organization that mentors inner city kids by getting them involved in outdoor activities like fishing and hunting.

Next week will be a whirlwind and a lot of fun, so check back often, and as I have internet service I will try and update the blog frequently. You can also follow mine and Rocket’s progress and hunting adventures by going to my Facebook page at http://bit.ly/bnK8Wd (I can update that from my Iphone) or Rocket Ryan’s at http://bit.ly/9ciPxz. (Copy and paste those URL’s in your browser)

To all of you hunting turkeys, good luck and take the fight to em, and I will be updating you all soon…



Team Outback Outdoors

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