Turkey Hunting – A Few Turkeys Hit the Dirt

Turkey Hunting in Kansas has been a blast but it has had its challenges! When we arrived to meet JT Harden and Jason Irish from Hardcore Hunting TV at David Schotte’s, Blue River Whitetails the wind was blowing slightly. Over the past 3 days the wind has picked up in velocity to unreal and almost unhuntable 40 mph gust.

We have also had a few other mishaps and blood shed, but that story is for another day!

All has NOT been lost because if you notice above I said “almost” huntable. There was a few mornings and evenings where the wind and rain gave us a break and 4 birds hit the ground. JT Harden and Rocket Ryan both doubled up and Jason Irish and I ran video, good footage… Now onto Hiawatha, KS and the Kicking Beards Charity 3D shoot and Turkey Hunt.. stay tuned!


Team OO

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