Thunderbird 3D shoot Recap

Thunderbird 3 Shoot Recap – I got back to the house late last night after a short 9.5 hour drive that was filled with memories of new friends, helping raise money for some great young outdoorsmen, a ton of fun, and a lot of laughs! As I mentioned in my earlier blog, the 19th Annual Thunderbird 3D Shoot (where I was the featured speaker on “How to be a Ten Percenter”) is a fund raiser for the NM Bullseye 4H Shooters Club that teaches kids about handguns, shotguns, muzzleloaders, bowhunting, hunting identification and most importantly… Hunter Safety! With 357 shooters attending from Mexico, NM, TX, and AZ, this shoot was HUGE success!!

With the rollover of older hunters who are passing away we HAVE to get the regenerate those numbers of outdoorsmen with the younger generation. We must get them from in front of the TV and Playstations (and by the way I love video games too!!) and into the outdoors! This event helps do just that! It was awesome to see 2nd and 3rd generations in a family group shooting together and building that bond that is bound by the love of hunting, bowhunting, and everything outdoors!

I also want to sincerely thanks ALL of my (and Outback Outdoors) who partnered with us in this event and donated their quality products to be raffled off to further raise money for the NM Bullseye 4H Shooting Club!

Below is a collage of pics from the event and we are already planning for next year, I hope you enjoy the pics and hopefully we will see you next year at this event!


and Team Outback Outdoors

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