Thunderbird 3D Shoot and Seminar

I just returned from a great event in New Mexico, the Thunderbird 3D Shoot. This event is special to me because it is the major fundraiser for NM’s 4H Archery Club. I even have some younger cousins that are involved in the club. This year, similar to last year, saw over 300 participants from AZ, NM, TX, and even Mexico.

They invited me down again this year to put on a bowhunting seminar at the lodge on Friday night and it was a a lot of fun. Along with some good “how-to” tips we had a lot of laughs and I shot my bow until my shoulder felt like it was going to fall off! It was good rehab for my shoulder as I am still building up my strength and even better company!

I am already looking forward to next year! Here are some more pics…


Team Outback Outdoors

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