The Archery Trade Show and the Trip Home

The Archery Trade Show each year is one of my favorite trips. Much like my trip to Vegas for the National Finals Rodeo, it is the one time each year that we in the industry get to see one another, catch up, tell stories and generally just hang out. There is alot of competition in the outdoor industry and competition is good to a point. My feeling has always been that friendly competition keeps everyone on their toes and hopefully keeps everyone cranking out a good product, however, sometimes what gets lost in the competition is that we are all in this together. We are all working together to share our stories and hopefully promote this great sport and lifestyle. I got into this industry, like most people, because I truly love to hunt. Period. Let’s not lose sight of this. We in the hunting industry need to remember that we are lucky. Sponsorships, airtime costs, editing deadlines; all this aside, at the end of the day we are hunting and we are sharing this with alot of people who can’t do what we do and appreciate that we put the effort into this. I have friends in this industry and I enjoy seeing them every year and telling hunting stories because thats what brought us together in the first place. I’m sorry I am rambling, I am waiting for my flight home and I tend to get insightful in Airports! What are your thoughts?

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