Snow Pack Out West

As spring rapidly approaches and the turkeys are starting to show signs of breeding I have been out scouting for new ground to hunt. In my travels over the last few weeks I could not help but notice that our high mountain peaks are showing signs of a quick melt off. It has been very unseasonably warm over the last six weeks. This is going to present a problem for us that some might not think off.
At this time of year our snow pack should be at roughly 125%. I read an article where they stated that we were at 80%. What does this mean to us out West.
The main problem is that we will be way behind in moisture content and come summer our risk of wild fires will be high. The mild winter will be very good for our animals for this spring but might have an affect on their food supply later this year.
We rely on a certain amount of moisture which in turn feeds our rivers, streams, and reservoirs and provides feed for the many great species of animals that call the West home. I hope that we will manage to get some more late snow storms or good rain storms over the next few months or our hunting seasons could be in jeopardy.

One Response to “Snow Pack Out West”

  1. Stan Wells says:

    We are dry as a fart here in Grand Lake. I’ve only seen one moose ALL winter. I think that they never came down from the high country. No snow to get excited about here. My neighbor is with NOOA and she tells me that we are supposed to get rain/snow this late spring. I surly hope so.