Recap on the 2010 season

My annual calendar revolves around the activities of hunting, guiding and fishing.  2010 was no different, but I had a rougher year than usual. Unfortunately, I did not draw any of the limited tags I was hoping for.  In addition, my hunting partner and best friend Trevon was unable to join me for my Nov and Dec hunts due to his should injury.  Without Trevon’s camaraderie, the hunts are just not the same. I can’t wait for next year and for Trev to get the wing flapping again.  My work on the ranch was, by far, the most hectic and stressful year of my tenure up there.  Life was busy on my Swanson Lake Ranch hunting club as well, we competed the building of our lodge on the property this fall, so my time in Nebraska was focused toward the construction.  I hope that you enjoy seeing a glimpse of my year in the outback.

January and February found me surviving on the ranch with a few lion hunts tossed in here and there when I could break away from pushing snow around.  Here is a pic of a Tom we treed and harvested in Jan 2010.

March and April are two of my favorite months of the year. In 2010 they were spent fly fishing for permit in Belize, archery turkey hunting at Swanson Lake Ranch, and pre-runoff fly fishing for trout in the Rockies.  I also was still fighting the snow and cold at the ranch, and got my snow cat buried in an avalanche that I triggered while attempting to open up a ranch road.

May to August was an incredibly busy time for me. The ranch was going through several of changes, we were building a lodge at Swanson Lake Ranch, and I was still completing  all of my food plots and habitat work.  This didn’t leave me much time for play, but I did manage to get out for a few evenings of fly fishing.

September always seems to go by too quickly. Observing the elk rut and bow hunting for bugling bulls is hands down my favorite thing to do.  This year, during the first set up of the season on opening morning, I successfully called this nice 6×6 bull in for an older hunter.

The second week of archery elk season, I managed to work this nice bull in after an hour of calling. The bull approached to within 3 feet of my hunter, and he put an arrow in him when he was finialy turned broadside at 3 yards.  What an exciting hunt!

I had a couple days to myself before Trevon made it in to hunt, so I slipped out for one evening and one morning. In the short window of time that I had this year, I lucked out and harvested this nice 6 point bull.

Trevon came in a day later and we had a great hunt, calling in several bulls the first couple of day. The evening that Trevon harvested was magical.  We were surrounded by bugling bulls; there must have been seven or eight bulls in the park. Trevon managed to pick out this nice 6×6 bull and made a great shot and a clean kill to wrap up the 2010 archery elk season.

The four Colorado rifle seasons span from mid-October to late November. I was guiding every day of the open seasons. Here are some of the animals that I personally guided hunters to this year.

When I get breaks in Oct and Nov I always manage to get out and do a little bit of hunting and fishing of my own too. Without Trevon to join me on these breaks, I self videoed my white-tail hunt at Swanson Lake Ranch. I passed on numerous bucks from 120 to 140 class as I knew from my trail cams that there were a few monsters on my property.

December found me hunting ducks, pheasants and white-tails on Swanson Lake Ranch, as well as eastern Colorado Mule deer. As many of you know, I have trained bird dogs for almost 20 years and have as strong a passion for decoying waterfowl and hunting upland birds as I do for fly fishing and bow hunting. This year I was able to spend a few days chasing pheasants with my old buddy Trigger and my new German shorthair, Briz.  I spent time on my mule deer hunt catching up with my late wife’s family and helping out on their family farm and ranch. I did go looking for bucks in the mornings and chased some pheasants mid day, but I also really enjoyed having the time to catch up with my in-laws.

Here’s looking forward to 2011, lets hope the draw is kinder to me and I won’t have as large a work load, and my bud Trevon gets healed up. Thank you all for tuning in to Outback Outdoors and Happy New Year.

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  1. Dave Beronio says:

    That was an awesome recap of your year. Great success you had, yourself and your clients. I loved the fishing pictures. Something magical about a large fish lightly nipping a fly off the surface and then all hell breaking loose when the hook is set. Thanks for sharing