Outback Outdoors – Viewer Feedback

At Outback Outdoors we have been receiving such GREAT FEEDBACK from our viewers that I thought it might be fun to post some of the comments we are receiving on the new site, the latest webisodes, Ryan’s cologne, Jim’s dentures, Adam’s loneliness on the mountain and of course my lack of focus (Can anyone say ADD)…. Anyway, go to resources and Viewer Feedback and read some great responses and we want to encourage the viewers to KEEP IT COMING, good and bad!! And we mean it at OO! We want to present to you all the BEST product we can and so it is fun to see how you all perceicve the story that we try and tell each month, so don’t be shy and send us an email and …Hey you just might win a new Hoyt bow! (only one entry per person please…..) info@outbackoutdoors.net

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