Outback Outdoors’ Team member possibly disabled for the season!!

As a lot of you may have heard, I severely dislocated my shoulder. I have been getting a ton of well wishes and support, along with questions. I thought I would post this blog/video blog to thank you for the support and explain what is going on along with x rays of what happened. I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences and please continue to pray for a speedy recovery, antelope and elk season are just around the corner.

Thanks again


Team Outback Outdoors

One Response to “Outback Outdoors’ Team member possibly disabled for the season!!”

  1. Joe Nickerson says:

    Prayers sent man. Get well soon. I hope you can get something figured out for hunting season, I know here in WY crossbows are legal for archery season. Kind of short notice, but you might be able to get a bow set up to shoot with a leather thong in your teeth like Dwight Schuh did, to shoot one handed.

    God Bless,

    Joe Nickerson
    Casper WY