Outback Outdoors Spring Fever

As I am writing this blog about Spring fever and the great possibilities for being in the woods we are setting records with the heat this week. The team hits the woods hard once the snow melts to chase turkeys and look for shed antlers. I enjoy being in the outdoors scouting, calling turkeys and also walking my hunting areas looking for tell tale signs of the animals that made it through the winter. It is a great way to lose the cabin fever and get some well needed exercise. 

You can also take this time to contact ranch owners and help out with their calving or fixing fences and it helps build a good relationship. I just came back from finding these sheds, running all over trying to get a big Tom in bow range and help the land owner brand calves. This little bit of work goes a long ways to keep your favorite hunting area “yours”.

Just make sure you check yourself for ticks as I pulled off 23 of the little heathens in just 1 day.


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