Outback Outdoors’ Founding Team Member Adam Wells Sheds First Blood for 2011

After the 2011 ATA show, I had a couple of days where I could break free and chase lions and asked my good friend Andy Julius if there would be an opportunity for me to hunt. He told me that he didn’t have any hunters in camp and that I could go!  The next morning I bought breakfast for all my lion hunting buddies and started cutting tracks in the early hours of the morning. We didn’t find any fresh tracks so we discussed turning out on a 2 day old track to see what would come of it.  Nobody thought that we would have a good chance of actually running down that track, but we were hoping that we could run it all day and get an idea of where the lion was headed.  The track wasn’t that big but it was still possibly a Tom or a big female and it was the best option we had.

We turned the hounds loose on the track and the conditions were great. Even as old as that cat track appeared, the scent of that lion helped the dogs move on the track quite well. We tried our best to keep up with the dogs to keep track of their movements but quickly lost track of them. We had telemetry collars on the dogs but we could no longer get a good signal with the unit as the dogs moved the track into a canyon. So the search for  the dogs began. We split up each of us covering a different ridge or canyon in the direction the dogs had followed the lion track. Jake, one of the dog handlers, located the dogs barking treed in a tight and deep canyon.

We all regrouped as Jake worked his way down to the dogs first and radioed that it was a big Tom!  I couldn’t believe it!  I thought that the day was going to be a tough day of keeping up with the hounds and helping the dogs work out a tough and old scent but now we had a big Tom in the tree!  We had only been on the trail 6 or 7 hours.  As you can imagine, I wanted to get down there and see what kind of cat we had up a tree.

When we started in to the tree, we cut a very fresh and very large Tom track, Nick and I suspected that the cat in the tree was the one that had made this track, and that was definitely the case.  I don’t know how the dogs ended up on this large Tom when we turned them loose (as more of a training exercise) but this big lion was the cat for me, a large mature Rocky Mountain Lion.  As is the case with most lion hunts, the shot is a little more anticlimactic then the chase, but working with the hounds and the physical adventure of climbing the mountains and canyons in lion country is the real challenge!

For the final act on this exciting hunt, I had a fairly tight shooting lane to hit the vitals on the big tom, but I felt I could hit the spot and make a clean and ethical kill with my trusty Hoyt.  I took a solid range, made sure the video was running and took my time on the shot. The arrow flew true and I harvested the tom lion I have always dreamed of.

Be sure to look for this and other exciting hunts on Outback Outdoors (with a few format changes)…..coming soon in 2011
Adam Wells
Team Outback Outdoors

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  1. Great update! Congrats Adam! Trev, holler at me when you get a chance!

  2. Trev says:

    Will do… I am about to get on the road and I will call you