Outback Outdoors – BIG NEWS in 2012

Outback Outdoors – Big News

2012 is proving to be a pivotal year for us at Outback Outdoors and if you’ve visited the OO website lately you will have noticed some changes. We started off with installing a new video player that is not only faster but gives you the option, depending on your internet speed, of watching Outback Outdoors in HD. We have also been working on the OO team store where you can get some great OO apparel and caps and should launch that in the next few weeks… but that is NOT the big news.

Starting April 1st Outback Outdoors can be seen on the local CBS affiliate for northern Colorado (NoCo Channel 5) at 10 pm Sunday Evenings with a second airing during the week (time still to be nailed down). We are excited to bring the action of the OO team to our own backyard and continue to expand the community of outdoorsmen that we started over 3 years ago.

Starting next week NoCo Channel 5 will also be airing our 30 second Promo spot to promote the show and as always we want you all to have the first preview. You can watch the promo on either Youtube or Vimeo and I will also embed it in this newsletter, but unfortunately some email programs will not show the embedded video so click on the above internet video host of your choice, let it load and enjoy!

We have also completed the new Outback Outdoors’ 2012 Intro and want to let you all have a sneak peak. You can watch this too on Youtube or Vimeo.


Featured Announcement: Outback Outdoors Introduces New Producer/Editor

Grady Rawls is no stranger to the outdoors. Since a young boy, his love for the mountains of his home state of Washington only slightly out weigh his passion to capture the adventure of the wild outback through the medium of cinematic video.

With a degree from Oregon State in New Media Communications – Film Option he has built up quite a resume in the outdoors. He has worked in conjunction with the Oregon Wolf Education Program and the legendary Marc Bales (of Pahsimeroi Pictures) on Wallowa County Wolves and OR-7.

Grady’s experience and creativity of using action packed hunting footage combined with gorgeous DSLR video, exquisite graphics, and extraordinary editing makes him the perfect fit to help Outback Outdoors take it to the next level!

If you liked Outback Outdoors before… You are going to love Outback Outdoors even more in 2012! We are thrilled to have him as the newest member of the Outback Outdoors’ team.

More Exciting News: Outback Outdoors Partners with the Full Draw Film Tour for the Denver Colorado Show, June 29th, 2012

In 2011 Outback Outdoors had their first taste of the Full Draw Film Tour as one of the featured producers. This year we will once again be one of the producers but Team OO will also be working even harder to host and promote this charitable event in our neck of the woods.

This is FDFT’s second year of bringing this tour to the west and this year they are expanding to even more western cities. Outback Outdoors is partnering up to bring this bowhunting adventure on “the Big Screen” to the Oriental Theater in Denver, Colorado. If you live in Colorado save the date of Friday June 29th at 6pm on your calendar and come with us as we take this bowhunting cinema experience to the next level. Our primary goal is to unite bowhunters, fuel the outdoorsman and create excitement for all those passionate about Archery.

The FDFT Objective… “FDFT is a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to archery and the pursuit of compassion for those in need. Join us as we support this hunting related charity through the archery community by using the talents of independent bowhunting filmmakers and your support. By involving independent filmmakers, FDFT can capture the true essence of bowhunting in the west and provide a show that relates to the sportsman. There is no other hunting event like this!”

FDFT and Outback Outdoors want to partner up with you to elevate archery, the outdoors, and MOST importantly support Hunt Of A Lifetime. The FDFT tour will provide compassion and encouragement for challenged children with unfortunate health circumstances. It is their desire that all kids have a chance to pursue a hunting experience and adventure—Hunt Of A Lifetime makes that possible.

Sponsor Spotlight: Outback Outdoors Announces 3 year Partnership with S4 Gear


As most hunters know, the gear you use can mean the difference between success and eating “Tag Soup.” At Outback Outdoors we use only the best gear in the backcountry and that is why we are thrilled to announce a 3 year partnership between OO and S4 Gear.

With innovative products like the Lockdown and EVO it is a common sense partnership between Outback Outdoors and S4 Gear who make quality gear for the hardcore hunter that truly lives up to their motto; “Meeting the demands of nature and those who tame it.”

As always we encourage your input, email us at info@outbackoutdoors.net, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We look forward to an exciting 2012 and be ready for more adrenaline pumping action from the OO team soon at Outback Outdoors.

OO Shows Coming Soon – Spot and Stalk BC Bear Hunt with Jim Brennan, Eastern CO Muleys with Dave Beronio, KS, MO, and NE Whitetail with Adam Wells and Trevon Stoltzfus, and more…

Trevon Stoltzfus – Outback Outdoors

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    I worked with Grady Rawls back in the day! 100% professional and I cant wait to see what he brings to this show

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