Outback Outdoors and Antelope

Here at Outback Outdoors our big game season kicks off with antelope. I just returned from North East Wyoming where I had a great hunt. That part of the country had received a lot of rain this spring and summer and it made hunting over water holes a little tough. There was water everywhere and the usual water holes were 3 times as big as normal.

I drove around and scouted for a day to see where the biggest bucks were calling home and set up multiple blind set ups. Antelope bucks will stake out their territory and will use certain water holes all the time. You have to see which ones they guard and with the 100 degree weather you can expect action.

You need the hot dry weather to drive those antelope to your ambush set up. They are very spooky around the water and do not drink very long before running off so you have to be ready for a shot. Long hours of boredom go hand in hand with this type of hunting. Usually you spend 10-14 hours a day sitting in the hot blind where flies bite at you. Make sure you bring plenty of water, food, reading material and patience.

I was running a video camera myself on this hunt and it made it extra tough to make sure I had the antelope in frame and in focus and still be able to draw the bow the whole time hoping they stay in the frame. This particular buck came in 3 separate times during the third day. The first two times he heard me moving around trying to get the camera on him and still shoot and buggered off. Finally at 6:30 at night he came in to drink with his group of 7 doe and it was his final attempt.

Look for this great hunt in the next few months on Outback Outdoors as you will see I got it done in high fashion.

One Response to “Outback Outdoors and Antelope”

  1. Leon says:

    Jim, glad you had success once again, and looking forward to your video. Bob and I had sucess on Dows in WY spot and stalk in the heat as well. Good luck with the Elk. Hope to have success in a couple weeks myself. Cheers Leon