Outback Outdoor Proudly Announces A New OO Team Member – Dave Beronio

Dave Beronio – New member of Team Outback Outdoors – If you have payed any attention to Team OO’s hunting videos in the past 2 years, Dave Beronio is not a new name. We are officially announcing Dave Beronio as the newest member to team Outback Outdoors!

Dave and Trevon have been hunting partners (when time and tags allowed) since before OO was in existent. Dave and Trev have hunted together on numerous occasions but it all started when Trev was still the archery Co-Host on “The Best of the West” TV show and they both drew quality mule deer tags in Nevada.

To find out more about Dave Beronio, a true bowhunting monster, stay tuned to the Outback Outdoors website for his blogs and watch him crush some great trophy animals in the backcountry!

We just have to get a Hoyt into his hands!!

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