On The Road

Well the end of my 2010 hunting season went alot better than the beginning! I guided a few hunts for Trophies West Outfitting Co. in Montana and did 3 appearances for Under Armour at Cabelas across the country which took up most of my time in the latter part of the hunting season. After guiding my last client to a toad of a Whitetail on the Bighorn River I skinned, caped and boned out his trophy, loaded it up for him and I was packed up and on the road to Kansas to meet JT at Marl Elpers, of Outdoor Connections, farm. I left Montana at 10 AM and drove 16 hours arriving at the farm at 2:30 AM. JT had me up and rollin an hour and a half later and I spent the next five days in a treestand alternating hunting and videoing JT as well as witnessing some awesome rutting action and alot of bucks! I had a blast and am now hooked on bowhunting whitetails in Kansas after taking my first Pope and Young ten point on the last evening!

Saturday morning found me headed home and right into some of the worst weather we have seen in a long time. An early winter hit Montana and along with a blizzard, above average snow accumulation and below zero temps, the roads were absolutely treacherous! With cars off the road everywhere I decided to stop back at the Trophies West Lodge and help out with the last few clients and spend Thanksgiving with my guide buddies. Craig Hueter, owner of TWO, called and told me to go ahead and hunt for myself the last couple days if I wanted to. After trying to access some of our ranches in the terrible weather I finally decided to take a very old and very ugly buck that was still rutting this late. We take management very seriously at Trophies West and by killing a few management bucks like this every year as well as letting the young up and comers live we have taken trophy mule deer for years! If you are interested in hunting with Trophies West holler at me. I was happy to kill a cool old buck and do my part.

What a nice way to end my season. Its time now for the NFR in Las Vegas and then the holidays. January brings us the Hunting Industry Shows and my PBR season kicks off with a bang! From all of us at Team OO, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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