On The Road

Well I just got to Texas after almost two weeks of Turkey hunting in three states! First I took Pete Angle of Under Armour hunting in Montana to kill his Merriams on his quest for a single season grand slam. We got it done despite birds that didnt want to cooperate and Pete being very ill! I then drove my truck to Trev’s house and caught a flight out of Denver to go to Cleburne TX for a PBR. I flew out of Fort Worth at 7 AM Sunday, Met Trev at the Denver airport and we headed east to North Central Kansas to meet up with JT Harden and Jason Irish of Hardcore Hunting TV. JT, Jason and I were going to hunt at David Schotte’s Blue River Whitetails and Trev was to run Camera for me. We had tornado force winds for two days but did manage to get on some birds with Irish killing one and missing two and JT doubling one evening in 45 minutes! I finally managed to crawl to within range of a big Tom strutting for some hens and with JT running camera and calling killed a double bearded Rio. The very next morning we set up on a field where the birds were coming to after the roost and had a great show that ended up with me smoking a giant Eastern as he came to the call. I also killed a coyote while we were set up one morning as he was stalking the same birds we were and I dont like competition! We had a blast on this leg of the hunt, got to spend some time with JT and Irish and laid down some good footage for a future episode of Hardcore Hunting TV! We then took off and headed 70 miles East to Hiawatha KS to be a part of the Kicking Beards event for the Kicking Bear Charity, but you’ll have to read Trev’s blog for the rest of the story!!

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