On The Road

I am currently down in Texas working a couple PBR events and usually my downtime between shows can be fairly mundane. This is certainly not this case on this trip! The Sunday after my first event down here I got a text from my friend Keith Rand, Marketing Director for Pigman, The Series. Keith knew I was in the area and the text said simply…”bring your Yankee ass down here!” And that’s how it starts! I went down to Groesbeck, TX on Sunday and ended up staying a few days out at Triply Q outfitters ranch with Pigman’s dad Tom “Dapper” Quaca. Pigman, Keith, Dap and some other guys decided they were gonna take this rodeo clown on a true Texas hog hunt, chasing them with dogs. Well we spent the remainder of Sunday hangin out and making some arrangements for the following day. The guys wouldn’t be ready to roll until about 10 AM so Pig and Dap decided I should sit over a feeder and try to kill a hog to butcher and take home since they are such good eaters! I ended up shooting about a 75 pound sow, perfect eating size and had it skinned and in the cooler before breakfast! I love Texas…

After Dap and I went to town and had some coffee and breakfast, we came back to the ranch, filled some feeders, checked a couple trail cameras and I helped him get a few things ready for a group coming in on Wednesday. We finally got a call to meet everyone at the corner store for lunch and we’d be off! We loaded up the four wheelers and cruised up to the store and met up with Pigman, Keith, Herschel “The Hitman” Hoover, Clinton Little and a dude named Willy that showed up to get fuel and decided he was going with us! Now Clinton is a sure enough cowboy and has some great dogs both for Cattle and for Hogs. The dogs are Curs and they are the bay dogs for hog hunting. The way it works is that you turn the bay dogs loose in some likely Pig bedding area or if you see some pigs rooting around. The dogs will then chase and attempt to surround a pig “baying it up”. Once the dogs are bayed we slip in with the Pitbull “catch” dogs on leashes as close as we dare without busting the pig out. At that point we release the catch dogs and they run in and latch onto the pigs head or ears and bear down! This may be a good time to add that this is not a sport for the faint of heart. It is one of the most intense experiences Ive ever had but it is pretty brutal and often bloody. It is necessary and a part of southern culture however and if you saw the incredible amount of damage these hogs do to the land that these farmers and ranchers rely on the feed their families you would understand it. A small group of hogs can irreparably damage an acre of hay field over night…

This sport is also dangerous. These hogs can get aggressive and protective and the big boars have razor sharp cutters. Many a hog hunter has been cut by a charging boar trying to protect a sow in heat. So it is an adrenaline rush as well. You are sprinting through swamps and thickets following the sound of barking dogs and squealing pigs! At one point I was out in the middle of a swamp up to my waist in muck and water trying to get to a dog that had a pig caught on an island! This was a very cool experience and I will be joining in again soon. On a side note we had to ship the Pigman off to the Emergency room. He broke a bone in his knee cap and had to get stitched up after running a beaver cut stump into his leg! We had a great day, caught a few hogs but missed the big boar we chased for hours. We estimated the dogs were on that boar for 8-10 miles over the course of two hours or so and we missed him with the catch dogs twice. One of the pitbulls got her throat cut (just the meat not life threatening) by this boar and I watched Clinton staple her up like a Vet! Ive attached a few pictures but you just cant get a feel for the excitement of something like this until you do it!

2 Responses to “On The Road”

  1. Trev says:

    Wow!! Sounds like a great time!! Hope the Pigman recovers quickly!!


  2. The Longie's says:

    Sounds like you had a blast Litwin..what a great experience!!! Hope everyone has or is recovering well!!!!