On The Road

Texas Turkeys, Hogs and the PBR…..I am leaving Montana this weekend to head south. After a stop at Trevon’s house in Ft. Collins to set up and tune our new Hoyt Maxxis’ and give him a hand moving, I will be headed to Texas to do two back to back PBR events.

The great thing about Texas this time of year is hog hunting and an April 3 opener for Rio Grande Turkeys! My next two weeks look like this: Work a PBR in Palestine, TX, spend the week with some friends chasing hogs around with my bow, Work a PBR in Stephenville, TX and then hunt the first 2 or 3 days of Turkey season. Life on the road can be tough, but I sure love it!!

Keep checking back for updates from the place I like to call my second home, TEXAS! Hopefully I’ll put some hogs on the ground with the new Maxxis…

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