On The Road

Well I know Trev has kept you all updated a bit, with my lack of internet while in Mexico. I flew back home last night and wanted to share with you a couple pics and my thoughts from the trip. It is possible that this was the most fun Ive ever had on a hunting trip. I cant thank Keith Rand, of Last Frontier Outfitters and the Sales and Marketing Director for Pigman, The Series, enough. His generosity was what made this trip so special. Kyle Weiter, host of Lone Wolf’s Adrenaline Junkies on the Sportsman Channel, and I met up with Keith and the Pigman himself in Old Mexico and as soon as we arrived the fun was on! We saw so much game, Kyle and I each scoring on a number of Javelinas by both stand hunting and spot and stalk.

I was having some bow tuning issues that ended up costing me a great Pope and Young Whitetail but Kyle more than made up for it with his shooting prowess! That boy can shoot!! We helped Keith out with a little herd management by taking three does as well. When a man says we have too many does can you help me out? Kyle and I will answer YES SIR! All in all we had a blast, ate good, made some new friends and laid down some entertaining footage.

Look for it on a future OO webisode as well as Kyle’s and Pigman’s show. Hopefully Kyle and I will return to Mexico next winter for some more fun. The plan is for Pigman and I to hunt Illinois Whitetails with Kyle this fall and for them to hunt Montana Antelope with me. Cross promotion with other good shows and creative like minded people has always been important to me and I think I found a great fit.

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