On the Comeback Trail

Any hardcore Bowhunter knows that there is really no “off season” but after having had my shoulder surgery, I was forced to be placed on “injury reserve.” The down time of not being able to shoot my bow and workout as I normally have in the past has done damage to not only my cardio, overall strength, and stamina; but also to my mental state (which any athlete knows is a huge part of any sport).

I am delighted to share that my spirits are up and I am seeing daily progress…. A  ton of this has to do with those that have supported me through this ordeal over the past 8 months. The first, which almost is a given, is of course my family and close friends in the tight nit bowhunting community, but second is the companies that have stepped up and supported and encouraged me (and still are) through my recovery.

The first I want to thank and mention is Wilderness Athlete (www.wildernessathlete.com) Chris Denham and Jerod Fink have been there to spur me on and supply me with the needed fuel and supplements to increase my stamina and strength as I work to regain my “fighting form!”

Second is the Bow Trainer. The guys at Bow Trainer (www.bow-trainer.com) are avid archers and have designed the perfect shoulder rehab (actually it is the perfect anytime archery exercise tool) product. My doctor is blown away at how quickly I am recovering and my strength is returning.

Third and certainly not last is Train to Hunt.com (www.traintohunt.com). Dan Staton and Kenton Clairmont are a continually motivating factor in my recovery. Although I am not able to all the exercises in their program, just getting on their website and reading their blogs are encouraging and helping maintain my intensity.   Thanks all of you!!

I am starting to run, bike, and swim and continuing to build my range of motion and strength and have even entered a Triathlon in Tuscon over the 4th of July, seeking to give me a short term goal to focus on. I can’t wait to here the thwap of a well placed arrow downrange but until I can do that I can assure you I am feeling better and “ON THE COMEBACK TRAIL!”


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  1. Kyle says:

    Great to hear!!! Motivators are sometimes hard to come by when rehabing! I have first hand experience with a chronic shoulder injury which has plagued me for years. I empathize with your recovery process and encourage you to stay focused and FINISH STRONG!!