Off-Season Preparation – Tucson Triathlon 2011

Off-season preparation at Outback Outdoors is important and although cliche, with the OO team there really is NO off-season. Along with my recovery from shoulder surgery this year, I personally make it a priority to ramp up my cardio fitness in the summer months. This not only helps me get in better shape physically for the upcoming bowhunting season, but also helps to sharpen my mental focus as I also start to shoot my bow a lot more with daily practice sessions and local 3D shoots.

One thing I enjoy doing to help keep me HIGHLY motivated (although just the thought of being ready to make the shot on a trophy of lifetime is all the long term motivation a bowhunter really needs) is compete in triathlons. I find that the mixture of swimming (really great for my recovering shoulder), biking, and running helps a ton with my overall fitness and keeps my training fresh and avoid the rut and boredom of the “repetitive training blues.” I pick 2 or 3 local Triathlons to help with my short term goals and to gauge my fitness level. This elevates my daily motivation to achieve my longer term goal of peaking physically when September (archery elk season) rolls around.

I just returned from Tucson AZ and my first triathlon since my shoulder surgery and actually did quite well. My family from New Mexico came over and along with my younger sister Lani Hofacket and her husband Jerod Hofacket and my older sister Lori Gobble and her daughter (my niece) Jessica Gobble we competed in the Tri-Sports Firecracker Triathlon. There’s nothing like completing a triathlon on July 3rd in Tucson for testing ones physical and mental stamina in extreme heat!

I was pleased with my performance and despite my shoulder and the stifling heat finished only a minute slower than last year, as I felt my conditioning and strength were behind last year’s schedule. Gauging from this event I can now focus more on where my weaknesses lie (mostly physical conditioning) and gear up for my next one July 30th in Denver, CO.

I will also continue to shoot daily to fine tune my accuracy and increase my bow poundage as my shoulder allows me and before I know it archery season will be here. I encourage everyone to push their limits and train in that “uncomfortable” zone where you can expand your physical and mental conditioning. I promise it will be well worth it when you find yourself this coming season in the field with the wind in your face and your bow in your hands.

Trev – Team Outback Outdoors


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