Off Season For The Outback Outdoors Team

There really is not an off season for me at Outback Outdoors. Once the winter months are upon us I usually start the show and seminar season. I have to make ends meet throughout the winter and this is a great way of doing it. I enjoy traveling around the West and attending some of the hunting expo’s and talking with people about my hunting career. I am by no means an expert but by being in the field more than the average hunter I get to learn some things. I like to share my blunders and mistakes I made as well as the positive things that I learn. By sharing tips and tactics and equipment that I use to be successful I hope to help others.

It is also a great time of the year because we get to meet with some of our sponsors and also see what is new for the upcoming season. Trying out this new gear and giving my feed back is also an important part of working with our sponsors at Outback Outdoors. I take pride in the team that we have assembled and I feel we are a valuable asset to them.

One thing that most people fail to do throughout the year is practice on their game. Whether it is shooting your bow or gun, using your equipment or practicing your elk calling we tend to slack off over the cold winter months. By traveling to these show I get to practice my elk calling. I feel this is very important and helps me be more comfortable when crunch time arrives. Also by using your equipment during the year you can weed out the stuff that does not work. You can also try new products or shooting styles and make sure when the fall arrives you will be more confident and ready. Eliminating the excuses is what this time of year provides.

The off season is also the best time to get your self in shape. No more saying next year or what if. Make this year the time where you will work harder and go farther to work out, run or just hike. Fitness is the most important aspect in your hunt and the one that you can control. There is no reason to not be in some what good shape during the winter.

So as you can see the “off season” is not really a correct term. There really is no “off” time. Make it happen this year and I promise that you will have the best year possible. The team at Outback Outdoors follows these guide lines and I feel that it is no coincidence that we are punching tags every fall and enjoying back straps for dinner.



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