Nevada Draw Results

Nevada draw results were posted today and I was only able to come away with one tag. Although I had a good chance to draw multiple tags in my home state I came away with one, an archery cow elk tag.

After killing a great bull in 2006 I now have a waiting period of ten years before I am able to apply again. The waiting period is kind of a bummer but it doesn’t stop us from getting out in the mountains with the elk.

Many of the western states have great elk hunting and may provide residents the opportunity to hunt bulls every year. Not here in Nevada. We look forward to any chance to chase elk, cows or bulls, it doesn’t matter.

Anyone who spends time chasing elk through the tall sage or quaking aspens will appreciate my luck in the Nevada draw. 

Nate Johnston and Dave Beronio, with Nates NV archery cow elk

So while waiting for my ten year holding pattern to end on bulls I’ll be enjoying getting in on cows primal style and putting meat on the table for my family and friends.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed as I am still waiting for results from a few other states. Hoping you as well are blessed with the opportunity to hit the mountains with tag in hand.

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